Philadelphia Eagles' Chip Kelly Can Learn From Mike Tomlin's Brutal Honesty

By williambontrager
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have a new administration, but it is the same tired, worn-out politics that seems to bypass the fan’s desire for improvement. In comparing the two teams from Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the birds, they are both slumping under their benches with their play. The season is looking very long for both of them, stretching out for miles upon winding, brutal miles.

I commented that the Eagles are not transmitting a winning attitude, and support an apologizing coach that enables this behavior. I am further encouraged to think like this when I look across the state to Mike Tomlin, and the way he was choked up with palpable emotion during his interview with reporters after getting beat back in front of an international audience.

Right now, these two are arguably the worst teams in the NFL, and the organization that is going to improve is the one that cuts out the fatty, saggy parts — the parts that drag the team down with its lack of skill. I cannot stand the team from Pittsburgh, but I have to admire their approach after their rough start.

Steelers head coach Tomlin basically said this in an interview after being handed a terrific 34-27 loss against the Minnesota Vikings. That was coupled by big Ben Roethlisberger’s comment that they are the worst team in the league. Straight, honest, and it is this acknowledgement that will cause a rotten team to become fruitful again.

Compare this to Chip Kelly’s ultra-positive pandering after being beaten like a sickly government mule. According to Kelly, Nate Allen has magically improved, Cedrick Thornton is dominating the defensive line and the team is moving upward on an almost impossible scale to anyone that owns a pair of eyes. Did Kelly not see his own defense allow Peyton Manning to dance his players into the end zone at will?

Enough. It is honesty fans need in Philly, which is why the Steelers may get back to their winning ways sooner with their older players than Kelly with players like Allen and others like him. We will see this Sunday in New York.

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