Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick May Impress, But Still Not a Leader

By williambontrager
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I am growing weary of Michael Vick. You listen to some quarterbacks in the league and they take ownership of their bad play. As much as I despise Tom Brady, he wears every missed opportunity, every interception, every fumble, or drive that ends on a field goal, on his star spangled shoulders. Vick claims he does too, but like a lot of players on the Philadelphia Eagles, he knows how to talk his way out of situations.

This team is lacking a leader. After the colossal blowout, Vick expressed that he feared there are not enough guys taking responsibility. He said that in the next week he is going to have to keep his eye on them, like a father hiding in the back of the theatre, spying on his daughter. But one look at Vick on the sidelines says a heap of words which Vick cannot back up on his interviews, as buttery as his speech may be.

Just watch him in contrast to the quarterbacks that are considered great leaders in the league. Turn your eyes past the action and you’ll see Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or even Matthew Stafford on the sidelines between drives. They are scurrying around, talking to the coaches, and enforcing game strategy. They are not resting on the bench, or hanging their head.

As much as I want to believe in Vick I just cannot make that Indiana Jones, leap of faith. He is sensational at times, but even in the preseason I noticed that he does not seem to understand the game strategy. He is far more athletic than most quarterbacks. I love his scrambles for big yards too, but maybe that is an excuse not to train properly or learn to play smart. I am just surmising.

He also got mad when reporters asked him about not getting the ball out of his hands quickly, but he isn’t getting the ball out of his hands quickly. There seems to be no anticipation in his game. In Vick’s world, The receiver is either open or he is not.

He just isn’t the leader or the quarterback that will take the birds to any type of success.

Vick is going up against a bad defense this Sunday and should have no problem winning our hearts back, but should we allow him to?

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