Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rumors: Tim Tebow Worth a Look?

Tim Tebow

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With the recent news that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have released Josh Freeman, the team suddenly has a hole on the quarterback depth chart that must be filled in the near future. Could Tim Tebow, a Florida native and fan favorite, be signed to bring some optimism to a team that’s falling apart at the seams?

At first, it sounds like a silly assertion.

Tebow is clearly not an NFL-caliber quarterback, and the Buccaneers appear set with Glennon as their starter moving forward. Still, behind Glennon, Tampa Bay doesn’t have anyone worth bragging about.

At this point, the only quarterback the Buccaneers have behind Glennon is Dan Orlovsky, arguably one of the worst backups in the NFL. Orlovsky has always been an inept passer whenever he sees the field, and is a horrid insurance policy behind a rookie. While Tebow has his own handful of passing problems, he’s easily a better option than Orlovsky.

Seeing as Glennon is a lanky, unathletic quarterback, Tebow could also bring a dynamic running ability to the Tampa Bay offense. The Buccaneers could use both passers to their advantage, implementing a package where they could put the ball in Tebow’s hands and let him make plays with his feet. Again, it’s not a solve-all but it would be a type of change-up that should be welcomed by the Buccaneers.

Especially with the recent fan reaction to the drama surrounding head coach Greg Schiano and Freeman, bringing in a character like Tebow would not only raise fan morale, but also give the locker room a boost. He’s an electric personality who can re-energize fans and cultivate some excitement around a Buccaneers team that’s heading into a bye week at 0-4.

If anything, Schiano would have a new cheerleader on the sideline who excels at rallying the troops.

The Buccaneers’ 2013 season is already in the toilet. It’s not like signing Tebow could do any further damage at this point. At the lowest level, it’s a PR move that fills seats and sells merchandise.

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  • Me Wise Magic

    Dear Tampa Bay Team,

    I’d like to suggest to the Bucs organization that you go out and acquire quarterback Tim Tebow to be your starting quarterback. Why? Tim Tebow was arguably the greatest college football player of all-time. He won two national championships, The Davey O’Brien award 2007, Heisman 2007 (plus nominated twice), Maxwell Award in 2007 & 2008, Campbell Trophy 2009, and the Disney Spirit Award in 2008. When they say that “all he does is win”, they are 100% accurate. He has never had a losing record in either high school, college, or the NFL. In his first chance at full time starter in the NFL he led the Denver Broncos to their first playoff win in years. Not only does he win but he draws some of the highest television ratings, sells the most jerseys, and is one of the most loved NFL players in the past 25 years. Sign him to a long-term contract and the Bucs can have one of the most electrifying hard working dedicated QB’s in football history for the next 10+ years. Some other things to consider:

    * Drew Brees is getting older. There is chaos in Carolina. The Falcons can’t win the big games. It is the perfect opportunity for the Bucs to take control of the division 2013-2023 – Tebow can help us do that. Now is the time!

    * The Bucs dominated many seasons in the late 1990′s and early 2000′s. I loved watching Dunn, Mike A, Sapp, Brooks and others; that was a special group. Since they retired Tampa has been unable to repeat the same buzz. Well, you have that opportunity right now with Tim Tebow times ten!

    * Tony Romo has one playoff win in 8 starting years (94 total starts) with a team full of talent. Jay Cutler has one playoff win in 7 starting years. Carson Palmer has zero playoff wins in 10 starting seasons. Matt Schaub has one playoff win in 10 seasons. Tim Tebow has one playoff win in one year as a starter on a team that was 5-17 in its previous 22 games before he started.

    * Get Tebow and DON’T DRAFT A QB! You have Martin, Jackson and others right now and they are fantastic. They just need a leader at quarterback. Glennon seems like a nice guy but Tebow is a proven winner at all levels where as Glennon would be a good backup or trade bait. But think about this, you won’t have to draft a backup for Tebow either because you have those guys! Once again, saved draft picks.

    * Mr.Dominik and coach Schiano – please sign Tim Tebow to a long term contract and build a dynasty around him. We could dominate the division for the next decade if you build a foundation with Tebow. Coach Schiano, with your defensive insight and genius you can use the 2014 & 2015 drafts to beef up the defense so that it will become feared like you’ve done in the past. Some are saying we’re throwing the season so we can land Teddy Bridgewater. Is that true? I hope not. There are no guarantees when picking a QB unless they have a winning track record in the NFL (AS TEBOW DOES!) Remember Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell, Andre Ware, Todd Blackledge, Matt Leinart, Richard Todd, Tim Couch, Rich Campbell, Art Schlichter, David Klingler, Jimmy Clausen, Kelly Stouffer, Heath Shuler, Akili Smith, Mike Phipps, Jack Thompson (the throwin’ Samoan), Rick Mirer and others? Get Tim Tebow, sign him long-term, build a monster defense through future drafts, and lets go win some trophies!

    * By not having to draft a quarterback you can beef up the line and defense. Remember the 2003 defense you had? Rebuild it.

    * Tim Tebow’s winning touchdown pass in overtime to Demaryius Thomas won “Best Sports Moment of 2012″ at the ESPN Awards.

    * Tim Tebow’s uniqueness is in the fact that he does not fit into any typical mold. He transcends the position of quarterback. He is a throwback to the old school way of playing football which just adds another exciting dimension to the NFL – it is fun to watch. He is more of a Gladiator than a quarterback- he’s a man who will not be denied the end zone. He’s a warrior that when chosen to lead will live and die for his coaches, his teammates, and the city that bestowed that position upon him. He’s the guy who beat out every single player at Florida in strength & power competitions. Coach Meyer would have tug-o-war contests and Tebow won each and every one. He wouldn’t stop either including the time he dragged a 320lb lineman all the way out of the gym. Like I said, he’s a GLADIATOR. You have excellent pocket passers like Brady and Manning. You have swift fleet footed guys like Vick & RG3. You have shoot from the hip guys like Romo & Favre. Then you have all out warriors like George Blanda, Otto Graham & Tim Tebow. It is just another fun dimension to the NFL. BRING TEBOW HOME!

    * The Tim Tebow Foundation is already working within Florida. Team Tebow Kids, which is exclusively a membership club for children ages 12 and under, is aimed at teaching children the importance of service to others and building a foundation on the value in giving back. See more at: Timtebowfoundation.org

    * Tebow is one of only four Heisman winners to start in an NFL playoff game and win. The last to do it before him was Vinny Testaverde in 1998.

    * This is very similar to what the Arizona Cardinals did several years ago. They refused to give Kurt Warner the ball an instead opted for Matt Leinart. It wasn’t until Leinart was injured that Warner got in. The result? Kurt Warner took the Cardinals to their very first Super Bowl. Now the story is repeating itself only Matt Leinart is now Josh Morgan and Kurt Warner is Tim Tebow. Give Tebow the keys and he’ll do what Warner did in 2008.

    Notable rookie performances from pro-bowl quarterbacks throughout history. Imagine if they were given up on.

    Terry Bradshaw: (1970) TDs (6) Int (24) completion % (38.1%)
    Troy Aikman: (1989) TDs (9) Int (18) Comp% (52.9%) team record (1-15)
    Joe Montana: Told his throwing motion would never work in the NFL
    Steve Young: (85-86) TDs (11) Int (21) team record (3-16)
    John Elway: (1983) TDs (7) Int (14) Comp% (47.5%)
    Joe Namath: Career Comp% (50.1%)
    Peyton Manning: (1998) Ints (28) team record (3-13)
    Brett Favre: (1993) TDs (19) Ints (24)

    * Tim Tebow has faced and outperformed many of the teams you will face in 2013.

    * (NFL – College) He has outperformed and/or is better than the following current starting NFL quarterbacks: E.J.Manuel (Bills), Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins), Geno Smith (Jets), Chad Henne (Jaguars), Brian Hoyer (Browns), Brandon Weeden (Browns), Blaine Gabbert (Jags), Jake Locker (Titans), Cam Newton (Panthers), Terrell Pryor (Raiders), Christian Ponder (Vikings), Josh Freeman (Tampa), & Sam Bradford (Rams).

    * The only reason he’s not playing currently with Denver, NY, or New England is because of two Hall of Fame quarterbacks (Brady & Manning) and a creepy coach who had a tattoo of his quarterback (Mark Sanchez) on his arm. Teams already had decided their rosters when Tim left New England at final cuts. Also note that had Peyton Manning not been injured in 2011 the Colts would not have gotten Andrew Luck in 2012. That would have meant Manning would still be a Colt and Tim Tebow would still be the Broncos’ starting quarterback.

    * What do the following NFL quarterbacks have in common? Ed Morrall, Joe Kapp, Bill Kilmer, Craig Morton, David Woodley, Tony Eason, Brad Johnson, Doug Williams, Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, Stan Humphries, Neil O’Donnell, Chris Chandler, Trent Dilfer, Kerry Collins, Rex Grossman. Any guesses? All of them either won a Superbowl or went to a Superbowl. Tim Tebow has the potential to have a better career than all of them.

    * In 2011 Tebow’s Broncos set a team rushing record, had he started every game in 2011 he could have had 1,000 yards rushing himself, Tebow had the highest QBR in the league in the final five minutes, and he took a 5-17 team to the second round of the playoffs beating the defending AFC champion Pittsburg Steelers.

    * In 2010 the Broncos set a new franchise record for losses in a single season, with a 4–12 record. They began 2011 on the same exact track with a 1-4 record before Tebow was given the start. They ended up winning the division with Tebow and making it to the second round of the playoffs only to lose to the NFC champion Patriots (the best team of the past ten years). Had Tebow started the 2011 season they could very well have ended up 11-5 with a first round bye. They had almost the exact same defense in 2010 as they did in 2011 and had a total record of 5-17 prior to Tebow. Even after replacing Tebow with Manning they didn’t get any further in 2012. Tim Tebow gave the spark to a dying team that inspired them to give everything they had to win because he did the same.

    * There are several teams running a spread-type offense with a running quarterback and finding success. Colin Kaepernick ran the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl a year ago. Russell Wilson took a struggling Seattle Seahawks franchise to the playoffs. The Washington Redskins went to the playoffs with Robert Griffin III. So obviously the read-option offense has been successful. Who ran that offense better than Tebow?

    * Tim Tebow is in the Guinness book of world records for the highest Google search in world history. The search was right before the national championship game and centered around the Bible verse: John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, and who so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

    * Sign him before the Jacksonville Jaguars do!

    * It takes a team, not just one man. But, we know Tim will leave nothing on the field week in and week out. No “one season and done” either – long term deal so both he and the team can have security. Lets make this happen! Coach Schiano – don’t be the second coach from the movie “Rudy.” Remember when the Notre Dame players came in and said, “let Rudy dress in my place coach.” We are right in the middle of a modern day “Rudy” type saga and future motion picture. The script is literally writing itself as we speak. This is the karate kid, Rudy, Miracle, Rocky, Over The Top, Chariots of Fire, Invincible, The Natural, Cinderella Man, & Million Dollar Baby all rolled into one. Do the right thing gentlemen and lets make history.

    * The reason fans are so passionate about bringing him here is because he’s one of us. He grew up here in Florida. He went to the same stores, filled up his gas tank at the same gas stations, played football with our brothers, cousins, and friends. That is one of the primary reasons I would love to see Tim on the Buccaneers. You can root for Tebow AND the Bucs because you’re still rooting for our hometown. It would be fun to have the two come together and see what happens. This is also the reason we’re not cheering for Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Matt Barkley, and others to come to Florida because they’re not Floridians. I like those guys but it is different when it is one of your own.

    – Buccaneers record since 2009: 24-43

    – Playoff Wins since 2009: zero

    – Division Titles since 2009: zero

    * What do these men have in common: Butch Davis, Chris Palmer, Terry Robiskie, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Pat Shurmur, Rob Chudinski? All were Browns head coaches since 1999. All said “they had the answer”,”ignored the fans”, were not open minded, and lost year after year after year. Nowadays nobody even remembers who they were. Don’t let this be the fate of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. .

    Don’t let this opportunity pass. You have a chance to land the a guy who is the fifth ranked college football player of all-time behind only Jim Thorpe, Herschel Walker, Red Grange, and Sammy Baugh for the cheapest price you’ll ever see and he’ll give every ounce of sweat and blood he has for your organization (you know that). Your ticket sales will jump & you’ll be on the front page of papers nationwide, and the Buccaneer fans will have hope again. I invite you to do five things:

    1) Read Tim Tebow’s book ” Through My Eyes” and watch “Everything In Between.”
    2) Go back and watch highlight film of him at Florida and review his college all-time records he smashed.
    3) Watch film of his three late season starts in 2010 in Denver when he ran a conventional offense and aired it out vs San Diego, Oakland, and Houston. Proof he can run any offense
    4) Bring him in, sign him to a five year deal, and hand him the keys. Give him certainty and he’ll give you championships.
    5) Rent and watch the movie “Rudy” because the sequel is happening as we speak. Then watch Rocky, The Karate Kid, Miracle, Over The Top and other movies where underdogs fight their way to the top despite all odds being against them.

    It is all in your hands now gentlemen.

    • Richard_Romano

      He is a winner and will provide much needed morale. How is it that Tebow took a 1-4 team to the playoffs? He has that kind of ability; Josh Freeman dragged his team down. It’s a good fit — he’ll be a great backup.

      • Me Wise Magic

        Exactly. Remember, the Broncos were 5-17 prior to Tebow being handed the keys. They were 4-12 the year before and on their way to match that record in 2011.
        Josh Freeman is a cross between Scott Mitchell (Lions) and Derek Anderson (Browns). Each had a big year and each were highly overrated because of it. We could call this the “Matt Flynn” syndrome. Flynn played one game at Green Bay when Rodgers sat out and threw for 480 yards (fluke). Everyone overreacted and Seattle and the Raiders both paid big $$$$ because of ONE GAME In Freeman’s case, it is one good season in which he didn’t even make the playoffs. He’d make a good back-up somewhere. He’s no Tebow.

        • Carl Lane

          Darelle, you are an amazing corner, but you can not do it alone. Tampas defense is awesome. You guys need someone who can motivate the guys to believe in themselves. And I think Tebow is the puzzle piece y’all need. But that’s just me.Proven winner. I know you do not possess the title to make this happen,but maybe someone will get their heads out of their butts long enough to consider it.

  • usedtobeconservative

    Tebow needs a chance to start. Playing backup to Glennon would just be a rerun of Tebow’s wasted tenure with the Jets, where he “backed up” a struggling Sanchez. If you’re going to go with Tebow, you might as well go all in.

    • Bette

      I have been a bucs fan since they got started. Someone over in the mgt. dept. needs to wake up and smell the coffee brewing. Sign Tim and let him show and grow, you will not be sorry. He wants to play

  • Gary Schneider

    Tim Tebow is clearly an NFL caliber quarterback. Tim Tebow was the second most accurate passer in college history. He simply has had not enough time to adjust to the NFL. Both Manning’s and John Elway had far worse stats than Tim Tebow in their first fifteen games in the NFL. But the teams gave them time to adjust. That is all Tim needs and the college accuracy will resurface in the NFL. I agree with Be Wise Magic. Makes total sense.

  • captaindandan

    Amen, brother: ANYBODY wants to read the record GOOGLE Tim Tebow @ Florida Gators. Look at his rushing yards and records. Look at his PASSING (yes, passing) yards, completions, interceptions. Tim CAN BE one of the best.
    Tim needs the support of the owner, GM, coach, Offensive Coordinator, QB coach, etc.

    TIM needs a good O.Line and a running back LIKE M.J.D. so the defense just doesn’t ‘key’ on Tim.
    He needs some wide outs / a tight end or two.
    And a good defense would be great.
    Also a good special teams.

    SO it IS a TEAM sport.
    But the QB ALWAYS gets the blame.

  • dewey

    Tebow would be great for Tampa. Go Tebow.

  • Carl Lane

    Fire Shitano, Hire Jim Leavett, Get Tebow= WIN GAMES

    • Carl Lane

      sorry for the spelling jim leavitt