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Top 5 Defensive Key Players for a New York Jets Victory Monday Night

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Top 5 Defensive Key Players for a New York Jets Victory Monday Night

Head Coach Rex Ryan
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If the Jets have any hope for a victory come Monday night it starts with the defensive minded head coach. The Georgia Dome is a hostile environment, and the Falcons are coming off of a heartbreaking loss. Can Rex dial up some crafty moves and schemes to throw off Matt Ryan and the rest of the Atlanta offense in order to give this New York team a stone’s throw chance to make something happen?

Reports are coming out that the Atlanta Falcons offensive line is not clicking the way it should. Their top two receivers, Julio Jones and Roddy White, are not playing at 100 percent, they are without Steven Jackson, and they're putting too much pressure on Matt Ryan and a defense that is not as good as it was last season. Can Matt Ryan step up? With that huge contract extension the money Mr. Blank is paying Ryan has to come from somewhere. And unfortunately for the Falcons and their fans that is clearly taking a hit on the rest of their team. For the once “dirty birds” it’s time to show the nation that you are once again for real and not a fluke.

Some may say that this is a recipe for disaster for the Falcons; well in the eyes of the hopeful New York Jets fan, I agree. The Jets have an offense that currently is looking for answers with a running game that looks great at some points and decides to throw in the towel at others. The wide receiving corps that has its top two players inactive for Monday, and the team has a tight end that more or less has not shown up on the radar since Week 1’s miraculous victory. The bottom line is that when it comes to this game on Monday night, the Jets will need a lot of help from their defense and some clutch plays on special teams as well.

With a defense that has the potential to once again make or break a game for the Gang Green, I have thrown out my top 5 defensive starters that I believe will make or break the Jets' chances for a victory come Monday night.

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5. David Harris

MLB David Harris
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This starts in the middle. The defensive voice of this team, David Harris, has become a true cornerstone of the defense since Rex took over. He has the ability to make plays, read the offense and help the Jets adjust accordingly. They will need veteran presence barking out signals and being able to adjust to the multiple weapons that the Falcons can present at any one snap.

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4. Kyle Wilson

CB Kyle Wilson
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Simply put, the reason that Kyle Wilson is part of this Top 5 is because week in and week out he keeps getting picked on. I truly have not seen him make one clutch play. It’s been penalty after penalty after penalty with this kid, so it’s time to step up!

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3. Damon Harrison

NT Damon Harrison
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The newest and biggest guy that joined the team this year has truly made his presence felt so far through four games. Let's see if he can clog the middle and make some moves. There is immense potential for this kid, and selfishly I want to hear Jon Gruden yell “Big Snacks” all game long.

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2. Muhammad Wilkerson

Muhammad Wilkerson
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Minus the fact that his pocket is a little bit lighter today, big Mo Wilk has an opportunity to force Matt Ryan into a few sticky situations. With the help of his secondary this game can be within reach.

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1. Antonio Cromartie

Antonio Cromartie
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The final key to the puzzle, aside from Dee Millner and Kyle Wilson, Cro will be switching on and off, matching up with Julio Jones and Roddy White all night. The Jets need to get some bump and pressure off the line so that he is able to make some moves. A turnover or two would be key to win this battle and get the J-E-T-S on the right side of .500.