Baltimore Ravens Game Prediction: Week 5 vs. Miami Dolphins

By Dan Abeshouse
Baltimore Ravens
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To be 100 percent honest, I haven’t thought much about this game, nor do I really have a feel for it. The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a horrible loss to the Buffalo Bills, in which they only rushed for 24 yards on nine carries. Joe Flacco didn’t help matters with five interceptions. I said at the beginning of the year that you could count on about four games or so where Flacco just craps the bed — that’s one. These games seem to happen more on the road, which doesn’t bode well having to play a decent Miami Dolphins team coming off a bad loss themselves.

To help talk myself into the Ravens, I thought of a few things. The Dolphins are coming off a short week and got handled pretty easily by the New Orleans Saints. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a free fall for the Dolphins. Every year there’s always at least one team that starts of hot, only to crap out soon there after. Wouldn’t the Dolphins be a great candidate to be that team in 2013? Ryan Tannehill is a tad bit turnover prone, as he has five interceptions on the season. I guess five on the season is better then five in one game. Our young Tannehill also plays behind a very shaky offensive line that’s gotten him sacked 18 times this year. We’re due for a big Elvis Dumervil game at some point, right?

This is a game where no result would really surprise me. My gut tells me that it will be close and semi-low scoring. I see the Ravens up 20-16 late in the fourth, with the Dolphins driving. I then see a one of those goofy tipped balls that goes about 32 miles in the air for the clinching pick-six. It will be close all the way to the end.

Ravens 27, Dolphins 16.

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