Buffalo Bills Rumors: Team Should Avoid Josh Freeman Like the Plague

By Andrew Fisher
Josh Freeman
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The Buffalo Bills just received some encouraging, yet discouraging news on their starting quarterback. E.J. Manuel has been diagnosed with a sprained LCL in his right knee and he’s expected to be sidelined for several weeks while he rehabs. In the meantime, the Bills will turn to undrafted rookie Jeff Tuel to hopefully keep them on track for a solid 2013 season. The harsh reality, though, is that Tuel is the only active QB left on the Buffalo roster.

The Bills have acknowledged that they will look to bring in another QB for depth, so the obvious next question is who? It’s possible they could re-sign Matt Leinart who spent time with the club in the preseason before he was cut. But we all saw how terrible he looked. So the next obvious name that’s going to be kicked around is none other than the recently released Josh Freeman.

No one really knows what led to Freeman’s demise in Tampa, but whatever went down, the end result was an ugly mess. There are rumors that Greg Schiano had it out for Freeman and also rumors that he has substance abuse issues. It’s really anyone’s guess.

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But it’s with that uncertainty, that the Bills should steer clear of the free agent QB. I don’t believe that his days as a starting QB are over. I think that Freeman will rebound and get back to having some success if he’s put in the right situation. However, that situation is not in Buffalo. The Bills just went out and took Manuel in the first round. He’s the guy they hand-picked to led the franchise into the future, so the last thing they need is a controversy between him and Freeman.

It’s one thing if Tuel has success in Manuel’s absence. He’s already part of the team and far less likely to divide the locker room. But if Freeman was brought in to start, that could seriously tick some players off. To me, it’s a situation the Bills should avoid all together.


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