Cleveland Browns: Brian Hoyer's Injury Gives Brandon Weeden Second Chance

By Dylan Hughes
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In the Thursday night contest between the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, we were all looking to see if the rookie E.J. Manuel and the Bills could end the Browns’ little roll behind quarterback Brian Hoyer. Well, they didn’t necessarily get the chance to do that after Hoyer went down early in the first quarter with an injury. Fans were hopeful he could return, but after an MRI Friday, it doesn’t look good.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden had to sit out with a thumb injury, and after impressive victories over the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals, Hoyer had undoubtedly won the starting job. Well, an MRI on Friday showed Hoyer had a torn ACL, meaning he will miss the rest of the season.

With Hoyer out, Weeden will get a second chance at starting quarterback. If he plays poorly, you would have to assume the Browns shop around for another quarterback because they have a solid team outside of quarterback, and really could do something special with a good QB. For now, Weeden has another chance to win the starting job, and we’ll have to see how he does.

On Thursday night, Weeden certainly had some rust, but led Cleveland to the win. Weeden was 13-of-24 with 197 yards and a touchdown. A little rusty completion-wise, but he didn’t really make many mistakes, which is always good. The smartest thing for Weeden to do is really to pass to Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron as much as possible. Those two have done an excellent job at receiving so far this season and will hopefully continue that as Weeden will rely on them throughout the season.

Hoyer’s impressive turnaround for the Browns is over, but that doesn’t mean Weeden can’t take over and lead his team to the playoffs. We’ll have to wait and see if Weeden has what it takes and can use the talent around him to get the fans excited for once.

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