Kansas City Chiefs'Justin Houston Plays Part of Geronimo on Sunday

By Troy Alan
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports

Kansas City is the second largest Apache-populated city in America, so the franchise mascot is quite fitting. The most famous Apache chief is Geronimo. His tribe was described by 19th Century US Army leaders as “fierce warriors” and “skillful strategists.”

The Kansas City Chiefs have a Geronimo on their defense and his name is Justin Houston. He’s clearly a leader of this Kansas City tribe. His teammates have described his ferociousness as noted in previous article, “Kansas City Chiefs’ Justin Houston Is No Joke“.

Houston was named the AFC Defensive Player of the month yesterday. He’s twice been named Defensive Player of the week, just four weeks into the season. He is currently tied for the NFL lead in sacks with Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis.

When asked what he believes his biggest improvement is this season, Houston’s reply to the official Chiefs website was one of strategy. In part he stated, “reading formations, studying the tackles, just knowing the game better.”

On his recent recognition, Justin spoke like a true leader saying “All the credit goes to my teammates; it’s a team award.”

Kansas City is planning an attack on the Tennessee Titans as you read this. The Titans No. 29 ranked offense is already wounded. They will start second-string quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick over the injured Jake Locker. Tennessee will have all eyes on Houston.

Allow me to tell you something about the cry, “Geronimo!” In the 1940’s the US Army was attempting to gain a tactical war advantage by dropping troops into place from airplanes. On the night before the first parachute test, the assigned platoon went to see a movie to calm their nerves.  The film they saw was the 1939 version of “Geronimo”.

One member of the platoon, inspired by the flick, vowed to yell out the Apache chief’s name before jumping to show his lack of fear. The rest followed suit.

The Chiefs’ tribe will utilize their fearless, fierce, OLB warrior on Sunday in Nashville any way they can. If they could drop him out of a plane, they would. I don’t want to give anything away, but look for his counterpart, Tamba Hali, to have a big game. That’s where the skillful strategist part comes in.


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