Philadelphia Eagles: Will Chip Kelly Return To College Football?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly has had his struggles early on as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. He certainly isn’t used to the taste of losing either. He lost a grand total of seven times in his time at Eugene, compiling a record of 46-7.

This led some people to speculate whether Kelly would bolt back to college football if there was ever an enticing enough opening. A lot of people already have Kelly pegged as a “rah rah” Charlie College type of coach. The college world is also a significantly less pressurized environment than the pro football pressure cooker.

Lane Kiffin, former head coach of the USC Trojans, was recently fired. SC is one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. If Kelly were to leave, it would be for a job like that one. Both Kelly and Eagles President Don Smolenski shot down any such talk. Let’s hope for Eagles fans’ sake that it’s just hearsay.

We knew Kelly’s first season as an Eagle would be a challenging one. He is still building something here. He needs at least an offseason or two to get his type of players in here, especially on the defensive side of the ball — guys with size and length that are tailor made for a 3-4. Right now, some of the players don’t fit the scheme. As the old cliche goes, its like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

With quarterback Michael Vick at age 33 and not getting any younger, a signal caller of the future should also be a priority. Going back to college would be the easy rout for Kelly. He’s never liked things easy. There may be a few growing pains but once Kelly and the Eagles get this right, they could be on their way to greatness.

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