Seattle Seahawks Must Stop Run to be Victorious Against Indianapolis Colts

By Michael Terrill
Seattle Seahawks Must Stop Run to be Victorious Against Indianapolis Colts
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

All the talk entering Week 5’s matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts is focused on second-year quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Obviously, the game is going to come down to which of these two talented signal callers can perform better. With that being said, there is definitely another part of the game where Seattle’s defensive focus must be as well.

The Colts are averaging 150.3 rushing yards per game this season, which ranks third in the NFL. Four players, including Luck, have run for 95 yards or more in the team’s first four contests. Many have assumed that Luck is a reason why the team is 3-1 this season, but the running game has played a huge part in it.

The Seahawks have struggled a bit at times stopping the run this season, which means it is definitely an area that has to be a bit of a concern heading into Sunday’s showdown. If Indianapolis is able to move the chains on the ground, then stopping Luck and the passing game could become near impossible.

The San Francisco 49ers inability to slow down Colts running back Ahmad Bradshaw is a big reason why they lost in Week 3. Considering the 49ers and Seahawks have similar defensive styles, it is something that must be recognized.

Keeping Luck in the pocket is what teams typically try to avoid because he is then able to sit back and pick apart the defense. However, the last thing Seattle wants is to watch him take off running and beat them that way. The defense does not have to look any further than their own quarterback to understand how detrimental that could be.

Even though the assumption heading into the game is to stop Luck, the Seahawks must focus on the run game first. After that has been contained, the pass rushers can then tee off on Luck.

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