Should Buffalo Bills Bring Back Punter Brian Moorman?

By Michael Terrill
Should Buffalo Bills Bring Back Punter Brian Moorman
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills released punter Shawn Powell Friday morning after his dismal performance against the Cleveland Browns Thursday night. Now that the Bills no longer have a punter, who should they bring in to perform the duties for the rest of the season?

Buffalo released veteran punter Brian Moorman prior to the 2012 NFL season because he shanked a few punts and struggled to keep the ball inside the 20-yard line, which is are two parts of a punter’s game that is essential. Even though Moorman did not do a terrible job at the time, the Bills decided to give a young talent with a truck load of potential a shot to shine. Powell was not unbelievable but he got the job done.

Unfortunately, the 24-year-old has really struggled through the first few weeks of this season. In fact, he recorded 16 punts for a net average of just 30 yards in his last two games. Not to mention, Cleveland was able to run one of his kicks back 79 yards for a touchdown. He also had problems with his directional punting in both contests.

It is hard to say whether cutting ties with Powell was the right move. Buffalo could have kept him on the roster and continued to work with him. It was not that long ago that the organization was convinced he could play the position at a high level. However, it comes down to the fact that the Bills believed he is more of a liability on the gridiron than anything else.

At this point, it might be wise to bring back Moorman. He is still a free agent and capable of getting the job done. He might not be the best solution but he is an easy fix for now. Obviously, Buffalo will have to deal with the punting situation in the offseason. For now, signing Moorman is the right move because he is someone the fans trust.

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