Blaine Gabbert Still Jacksonville Jaguars Starting QB, Despite Other Better Options

By Cody Williams
Blaine Gabbert Jags terrible
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Here’s a little known fact about Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert: He has thrown 67 pass attempts this season and none of them have gone for touchdowns. Here’s a more widely known fact about Jags quarterback Blaine Gabbert: he has no business being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

However, as Gabbert returned from injury in week four, Jacksonville named him the starter over Chad Henne. As you would expect, Gabbert continued being an abomination to the position, completing just 17 of his 32 pass attempts for only 179 yards while throwing three interceptions and, as I mentioned earlier, no touchdowns.

Overall in the two games that Gabbert has played and started this season, he’s been atrocious to the surprise of no one. No touchdown passes, five interceptions, sacked 10 times, 300 yards passing and a completion percentage of 49.3 are the numbers that he’s produced this season. Yikes.

Despite Gabbert’s high level of incompetence, he’s likely going to be Jacksonville’s starter once again in week five against the St. Louis Rams. If the Jags didn’t have any other options, that would be one thing. However, there are actually some options that are much better than Gabbert and aren’t Tim Tebow related.

For one, Henne has had much more success in his two starts this season. In his two starts, he’s thrown for 512 yards with a 56.1 percent completion rate, as well as throwing for a score and only throwing two interceptions. Moreover, the Jags put up 26 points combined in Henne’s two starts as opposed to the five total points the teams has scored with Gabbert at the helm.

An option that’s possibly better than Henne hit the free-agent market this week, though, with the release of Josh Freeman. Sure, Freeman has had his troubles this year and they have been widely covered, but he’s also shown before that he can successfully lead an NFL team. As always, he also couldn’t be any worse than Gabbert.

The Jaguars obviously have a ton of issues that go beyond Gabbert, but he’s a big part of their problems. The front office in Jacksonville needs to at least try to put a good product on the field so that they don’t completely alienate their fan-base. I’m all for playing for the future as a franchise, but letting Gabbert run your team isn’t the way to go about that.

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