Indianapolis Colts' Playoff Chances High After 5 Games

By Eric Smith
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis, IN- I know it’s still very early in the season and a lot can happen through the rest of the year, but after five games the Indianapolis Colts not only look like a playoff team but they’re among the best in the NFL.

Indianapolis knocked off the Seattle Seahawks 34-28 giving them their first loss of the season. Both teams are now 4-1 entering Week 6.

All year everyone talked about Seattle and the San Francisco 49ers as two of the top few teams in the NFL. The 49ers are coming off of a Super Bowl runner-up season and Seattle has a great defense and improving offense. Well, two of Indianapolis’ four wins have come against both as Indianapolis whooped San Francisco 27-7 on the road in Week 3 and defeated Seattle Sunday.

Now we have to talk about Indianapolis as a Super Bowl threat. Yes, they have to go through the Denver Broncos in the AFC, but who else in the conference is out there that’s consistent enough to beat them?

The win Sunday was the ninth fourth quarter comeback Andrew Luck has led the Colts on in only 21 starts. He doesn’t get rattled and keeps them in the game the entire 60 minutes. The defense is much improved from last year as well.

Since 1990, teams that start the year off 4-1 have made the playoffs a staggering 77-percent of the time. With Indianapolis there and having a one-game lead over everyone else in the division and the winless Jacksonville Jaguars also in the AFC South, it looks like they not only could win the division but could get a first-round bye.

Indianapolis can do it all right now. They can run the football, stop the run and have one of the best quarterback’s in the NFL. That leads to wins in the postseason.

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