Matt Schaub's Newest NFL Record is Really Hurting Houston Texans

By Cooper Welch
Matt Schaub
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans broke an NFL record in the first quarter of the Texans game against the San Francisco 49ersand it’s not a record that you want to have ownership of. Just about a minute into the first quarter of the game, Schaub threw a pass that was intended for Andre Johnson. Instead, it was intercepted by Tramaine Brock and returned 18 yards for a touchdown. This pick-six gave Schaub the NFL record for most consecutive games with a pick-six thrown.

Before this pick was thrown, Schaub was tied for the record with Denver Broncos‘ quarterback Peyton Manning, former Broncos quarterback and NFL legend John Elway, and former Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. That’s pretty notable company to share, albeit for a rather unappealing stat. Schaub now holds the record with four consecutive games with an interception returned for a touchdown, thanks to Brock.

This is a hard record for anyone to hold, and I for one certainly am feeling for Schaub. Yes, these interceptions are mostly Schaub’s fault, but very rarely is anything in sports completely one person’s fault. For instance, when Schaub threw another pass to Johnson, who was again being covered by Brock, the ball bounced off of Johnson and was then caught in mid-air by Brock (thankfully this one wasn’t returned to the end zone immediately). In the third quarter on a simple pick play in the middle of the field, neither receiver could break off of man coverage for Schaub to be able to throw it to them.

That being said, Schaub is starting the hurt the Texans as much as he’s helping them. He’s now thrown more interceptions than he’s thrown touchdowns, and has had a QB rating around 48 percent through the past four quarters, with no touchdowns and four interceptions.

The Texans will continue to keep faith with Schaub because that’s not what Gary Kubiak or Bob McNair are about (even though certain Texans fans may wish otherwise). If Schaub continues to struggle, the calls for him to go are only going to get louder and louder. I’d say he has at least four more interceptions over the next two games before the Texans even seriously consider benching him for T.J. Yates.

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