Miami Dolphins' Offensive Line Flops in Loss to Baltimore Ravens

By Nicholas Crimarco
Ryan Tannehill
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, Ryan Tannehill had been sacked 16 times this season. While it’s difficult to blame only the offensive line, it is their job to protect their QB. The Miami Dolphins also rank 25th in the NFL in rushing yards per game. The combination of Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas have had very few holes to run through, which forced the Dolphins to become one dimensional.

On Sunday, Miller ran for 15 yards on 7 carries and was the most productive back for the Dolphins. Backup running back Daniel Thomas only carried the ball two times for one yard. That adds up to 9 carries and 16 yards for the Running Backs of the Miami Dolphins. Conversely, the Ravens two running backs carried the ball 38 times for 120 yards and two TDs. Ray Rice scored both TDs and carried it 27 of the 38 times for 74 yards and Bernard Pierce rushed 11 times for 46 yards.

Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill was sacked six times by the Ravens and was hurried out of the pocket for the majority of the game. Those six sacks resulted in 35 yards lost including a very damaging sack by Elvis Dumervil that turned a 51-yard field goal attempt into a 57-yard field goal miss by Caleb Sturgis.

The fact that the Dolphins were even in the game at that point with no running game and no pass protection shows the growth of second year quarterback, Tannehill. However, if he continues to get sacked at the rate he is now, he may not make it through the season. By letting go of Jake Long, the Dolphins trusted Tannehill’s blindside to second year tackle Jonathan Martin. Martin ranks 65th out of 69 offensive tackles in the NFL with running backs averaging only 1.9 yards per carry behind him. He is tied with Dolphins’ right tackle Tyson Clabo, who also gets 1.9 yards per carry behind him.

With no viable option behind these two tackles, the Dolphins are going to have to hope they gel with the rest of the offensive line and give them at least an average effort the remainder of the season.

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