Ryan Fitzpatrick Will be Good for Tennessee Titans Going Forward

By Michael Terrill
Ryan Fitzpatrick Will be Good for Tennessee Titans Going Forward
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s first half with the Tennessee Titans could not have gone much worse than it did against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5. His first five passes fell silent while the offense went three-and-out on the first five drives. The good news is Fitzpatrick’s performance in the second half is why the team will be in good hands going forward.

It is true the signal caller wasted two golden opportunities in the fourth quarter when he tossed an interception on two separate drives. However, the fact that the Titans were able to come back and challenge the Chiefs in the second half without starting quarterback Jake Locker certainly says a lot about the team. It also says that Fitzpatrick is someone who can do great things with the offense when he is given some time to build chemistry with the receivers.

It was obvious the Tennessee quarterback and the receivers were not on the same page. That was somewhat expected since they are used to a different player under center. One week is simply not enough time to get acquainted. It is one thing to be converting plays in practice, but game day is a completely different ball game.

With that being said, Fitzpatrick proved that he is not afraid to put the ball in his hands and lead the team. He showed that when he ran for a nine-yard touchdown that gave the Titans the lead in the fourth quarter. Even though the score did not stand, it still showed that he is not afraid to risk his body for the success of the team.

Many fans may be upset with Fitzpatrick’s performance. However, a quick look at the bright side and it is evident that he will give Tennessee a legitimate shot to win over the next few weeks.

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