5 Teams That Should Sign Quarterback Matt Flynn

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5 Teams That Should Sign Quarterback Matt Flynn

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The Oakland Raiders released quarterback Matt Flynn on Monday in what appears to be a situation similar to what Josh Freeman faced with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Flynn was never on the same page with the coaching staff in Oakland, which could be a big reason why he did not win the starting job in the preseason.

Many believe that Terrelle Pryor beat out Flynn for the starting job due to his performance, but in reality, the second-year player was not much better. The fact is Flynn lost an opportunity to be a starter with the Seattle Seahawks and the Raiders because of two quarterbacks who are able to move well outside of the pocket. Obviously, the Seahawks made the right decision going with Russell Wilson. The guy can do it all. However, Oakland made the same decision based on what Seattle did in 2012, not on what Pryor showed in the preseason.

People can say what they want about Flynn. It is true that he made a total of $14.5 million primarily based on what he did in one game against the Detroit Lions as a member of the Green Bay Packers in 2011. However, he showed that he could perform at a high level with Green Bay. His Packers franchise record of 480 passing yards and six touchdowns against the Lions, a playoff team at the time, proved that.

I believe Flynn is a starter in the NFL but he has just been dealt a bad hand the last two years. More importantly, I believe there are a few teams that definitely could use his service this year. What are five teams that should sign Flynn immediately?

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5. Green Bay Packers

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I have to imagine everyone assumed the Packers would be somewhere on this list. Green Bay does not need a quarterback but it certainly would not hurt to have Flynn as the backup once again. The Packers currently have veteran Seneca Wallace, who is doing a good job sitting behind Aaron Rodgers. With that being said, Flynn proved to be a reliable No. 2 on the depth chart. He was someone that put fans at ease because they knew deep down that if something were to happen to Rodgers they would be in good hands with Flynn.

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4. Carolina Panthers

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Sorry to break it to the Carolina Panthers but there is a good chance Cam Newton is not the guy for the job. There is no question Newton is a tremendous athlete. However, he does not appear to be an NFL quarterback. The man is simply too inconsistent with his play from week-to-week, which is something a signal caller cannot be. Not to mention, I have always had the feeling that the players on the team never fully respected Newton.

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3. New York Jets

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I understand that Geno Smith is the future of the New York Jets. However, I do not believe he is ready to handle the starting role. It is the play of the quarterback that is holding New York back this season. Actually, it is something that has held the Jets back for several seasons. I have to imagine if they had a decent signal caller over the years, Rex Ryan’s prediction of a Super Bowl berth might actually have come to fruition. Enter Flynn, someone who could make the Jets a lot better overnight. There is no shame in bringing Flynn in to help the team win, especially with Ryan’s job on the line.

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2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The Buccaneers are in serious need of a quarterback, and no, rookie Mike Glennon is not the answer no matter how much head coach Greg Schiano wants to shove it down the fans’ throat. The Buccaneers need a quarterback to come into the locker room and command the respect of the team. The players have struggled to find a leader, which has resulted in dismal performances, losing streaks and an overall poor record over the years. There is plenty of potential on the Buccaneers, which is why Flynn would do more than just get the team their first win of the season.

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1. Jacksonville Jaguars

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Is there any team in the history of the NFL that needs a quarterback more than the Jacksonville Jaguars? Apparently, Tim Tebow is not the answer. What is even more apparent is that head coach Gus Bradley will fight to the death for Blaine Gabbert. I hate to break it to anyone who believes the team can win with the current situation under center but the Jaguars will not win a game with Gabbert as the starting signal caller. If Flynn is not in Jacksonville by the end of the week there are some serious management issues going on with the organization. As of right now, the Jaguars could not have begged for a better situation than to bring in Flynn and be the immediate starter.