Dallas Cowboys Have Plenty To Feel Good About, Despite Heartbreaking Loss

By Andrew Fisher
Dallas Cowboys
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Anyone who watched the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon was treated to an offensive display for the ages. The two teams combined for the fourth most points in the NFL history and showed why football is America’s favorite game. In the end, the Cowboys were defeated in bitter fashion. However, they still have plenty to feel good about.

There are lots of people killing Tony Romo. The quarterback once again threw a critical late-game interception that sealed the Cowboys’ fate, but he also played one of the best games of his career. Without Romo’s 506 yards and five touchdowns, the Cowboys wouldn’t have even been in the game. He matched the great Peyton Manning step for step, but just made one huge mistake.

Despite the bitter ending, the Cowboys will come out of this game with more confidence. They had the best team in the NFL on the ropes and nearly delivered a knockout blow. If the Dallas defense can tighten things up a bit, they’re going to be just fine moving forward.

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On top of everything else, fans have to remember that the Cowboys play in the NFC East. Even though the team has a disappointing 2-3 record, they’re still in a tie for first place in the division. It’s clear the Broncos are better than any team in the NFC East and that has to make the Cowboys feel strongly about their chances moving forward.

Romo will rebound. He’s been through heartbreaking losses before and came back. He’ll be out there again next week slinging it around the field. Who knows if he’ll ever get over his fourth quarter let-downs, but you can bet he’ll at least put the Cowboys in position to have a chance at victory. This loss is going to sting for a few days, but Dallas showed it can hang with the best on Sunday.


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