Dominic Raiola Embarrasses Entire Detroit Lions Organization, Fan Base With Comments

By Erik Sargent
Dominic Raiola Detroit Lions
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Detroit Lions traveled to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers in a battle of two heated NFC North Rivals.

This is a classic NFL division matchup and it is usually a great game between the two teams. Both fan bases are very passionate about both of the squads and it is one of the better rivalries in pro football.

The Lions lost yesterday to Green Bay 22-9 in a dominant effort by the Packers. But before the game yesterday, a situation unfolded with Lions center Dominic Raiola that is absolutely disgusting and a terrible reflection on the Lions.

Raiola is facing accusations from members of the Wisconsin Badgers marching band, which often performs at Green Bay Packers football games, of verbally harassing members of the band while the Lions were warming up.

These accusations range anywhere from Raiola questioning their sexuality to making comments about their physical appearance and a whole other list of very inappropriate and insulting things for a professional football player to be yelling.

The Wisconsin band has said they plan on filing a complaint to the Detroit Lions for the actions of Raiola. It hasn’t been filed yet, but the Lions organization has acknowledged they are aware of the situation and are looking further into it.

This is absolutely unacceptable from any professional athlete and is very ignorant of Raiola. The Detroit Lions are a very proud organization and have a very strong fan base, but have been tarnished by bad behavior from its players over the past few seasons.

But nothing has compared to a member of the team verbally attacking like Raiola did to the members of the Badgers band. He should be fined an incredible amount of money and possibly suspended by the league, because this kind of behavior is ridiculous for pro athletes.

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