Houston Texans Need To Take Matt Schaub Out Of Starting Role

By Tyler
Matt Schaub
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After yet another poor performance from Matt Schaub in the Houston Texans‘ 31-3 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, it became clear that it is time for a change at the quarterback position.

This is because of a combination of factors, leading off with the fact that Schaub has been struggling of late; he is extremely unpopular with fans, and the Texans actually have a viable option to step into the starting quarterback position.

During the last three weeks, Schaub has been absolutely brutal, throwing for two touchdowns and five interceptions while watching the Texans fall to a 2-3 record. More than just basic statistics though is the fact that Schaub has seemingly been figured out by opposing teams, who have noticed that he is not able to throw the ball downfield with any effectiveness.

This inability has been illustrated by the fact that Schaub has not thrown for more than 7.69 yards per pass during a single game in 2013, and his longest pass of the season currently stands at 32 yards.

Defenses now know that they are not going to be burned by attacking the football, and can count on Schaub staring his receivers down like it is his job. This is a horrible combination of traits to have for a starting quarterback in the NFL, and leads one to believe that there is no reason to that Schaub will miraculously be reverting back to top form in the near future.

Multiplying the impact of Schaub’s poor play on the Texans is that the team’s fans are beginning to turn on the quarterback, and in a big way.

Throughout the city of Houston, there have been signs posted on bridges and buildings begging for the Texans to take Schaub out of the role of starting quarterback. While players and coaches often try to act as if they are human beings that never hear anything from the outside world, the facts are that they are affected by what the fans say and do at times.

Continuing to allow a player as unpopular and ineffective as Schaub is to play at the vital position of quarterback will only cause friction as the boos from the stands will rain down on both the quarterback and his teammates, potentially causing tension within the locker room.

With T.J. Yates waiting in the wings to start games for the Texans, the decision from head coach Gary Kubiak to leave Schaub in during Week 6 makes absolutely no sense. While Yates is by no means Peyton Manning, he surely could not be any worse than Schaub has been in recent weeks. During his starting stint in 2011, Yates showed he can bring a level of stability to the Texans.

Waiting to make this decision could be extremely detrimental to the Texans’ ability to make the postseason in 2013. At 2-3, the team will likely have to go 8-3 the rest of the way to even obtain a Wild Card spot. Allowing Schaub to continue to start will only hamstring the team even further and could result in a once promising season going down the drain.

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