Kansas City Chiefs Can't Get Fat And Happy

By Troy Alan
Jim Brown – USA Today Sports

Comfort is a position of “physical or psychological ease”. There is no such position in the league. I’m not sure it even exists in the minds of any player, or coach, for that matter. It cannot start creeping its way into the Kansas City Chiefs‘ psyche.

Sunday’s 26-17 win over the Tennessee Titans was not glamorous, but it was a win.

A 10-6 record will usually get you into the NFL playoffs. That means the Chiefs are halfway there with 11 games left to play in the season. If you work the equation, they still have to win 45 percent of their remaining schedule. Kansas City still has to play .500 football to get there, and there’s a lot of football left to be played.

Going 5-0 is a good start. 29 of the 32 teams in the league would love to be in their cleats. Five teams entered this week undefeated, and only three left that way as the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints are the other two teams left unblemished.

The real season begins on Sunday when the hated Oakland Raiders come to town. The Raiders are 2-3, but they already possess something Kansas City does not. Oakland has a division win. They won 27-17 over the San Diego Chargers while the Chiefs were sleeping last night.

Kansas City is off to their best opening record in ten years, but the season has just begun. They have tasted success and after last season are loving the way it tastes.  They best not overindulge. 5-0 guarantees you absolutely nothing in this league.

All’s good in Kansas City’s world now, but a loss to the Raiders would send a message across the AFC West that the Chiefs have put their feet up.

Don’t get too comfortable.  It’s a long season.

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