Luke Joeckel's Injury Has To Make Jacksonville Jaguars Think Twice About Fire Sale

By Andrew Fisher
Luke Joeckel
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ season couldn’t get any worse, first-round draft pick Luke Joeckel has gone down for the year with a broken ankle. It happened in the midst of the team’s fifth straight loss to start the 2013 season and now Jacksonville’s status has gone from horrible to atrocious. This team is now a real threat to ‘run the table’ and go 0-16, so it’s only natural that talks of a fire sale have come up recently.

Fire sales aren’t all that common in the NFL, but it doesn’t mean they can’t happen. To this point, Jaguars’ GM David Caldwell has maintained that the team has no interest in selling off the rest of its assets. But given the current state of the franchise and considering that they’ve lost their two best offensive linemen in a less than a week- why not?

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The Jaguars are in the driver’s seat for the first overall pick in next year’s draft and they already have 10 picks on the board. Maurice Jones-Drew is set to be a free agent this offseason and you can’t convince me that he would want to re-sign. The Jags could land another mid-round pick for him or possibly a couple more late-round picks. They also have linebacker Paul Posluszny, tight end Mercedes Lewis and guard Uche Nwaneri to potentially deal. Caldwell insists that these players want to stay in Jacksonville but it’s just hard to buy that.

Due to financial reasons, I can see a few of these veterans not getting dealt, but if there’s a team willing to take on their contracts, Jacksonville should pull the trigger. 2013 is a lost season. It’s time to starting thinking strictly about the future. Caldwell needs to pick up the phone and move a couple more players to get the Jaguars in position to steal the show at next year’s NFL draft.


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