Monte Kiffin's Defense To Be Blamed For Dallas Cowboys' Woes, Not Tony Romo

By Sarah Dewberry
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A year later and with former defensive coordinator Rob Ryan gone, the Dallas Cowboys have shot themselves in the foot.

With a self-inflicted wound, also known as Defensive Coordinator Monte Kiffin, the Cowboys’ defense is to blame for Sunday’s loss against the Denver Broncos, not quarterback Tony Romo.

It’s easy to point the blame at Romo because he’s shown signs in the past that he can’t handle high-pressure situations, but Romo’s performance Sunday was one for the books. On a career-filled day, Romo threw five touchdowns for 506 yards.

Unfortunately, Romo also threw an interception that sealed the win for the Broncos, but Dallas’ defense allowed the Broncos to score 51 points and post 517 total offensive yards.

In his first year as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator, Kiffin has proven that he is too old to coach, his Tampa 2 scheme isn’t working and Ryan was a better man for the job.

Through this season’s first five games, Ryan has the New Orleans Saints‘ defense sitting comfortably at 11th allowing 330.4 yards a game. Kiffin, however, watches over the fifth-worst defense in the league that has allowed 409.2 yards a game due to the Broncos racking up 517 total yards, the San Diego Chargers with 506 totals yards, the St. Louis Rams with 232 total yards, the Kansas City Chiefs with 313 total yards and the Giants with 478 total yards.

Compare those numbers to how Ryan had Dallas’ defense looking through its first five games last season and you might be singing a different tune. The Cowboys’ defense allowed the New York Giants to run up 269 total yards, the Seattle Seahawks with 315 total yards, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with 166 total yards and the Chicago Bears with 360 total yards through their first four games (the fifth game being a bye-week).

Before blaming Romo for Sunday’s loss, take a look at the numbers because numbers never lie.

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