New England Patriots Have a Defense, But That's About It

By Tony Tranghese
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the New England Patriots have a defense, and that’s about it. Who would have ever thought we would be saying the Patriots of all teams would have assembled a defense? A team that was notorious for giving up big yardage between the 20s and being lackluster at best the past few seasons?

The Patriots have finally put a squad on the field that is respectable. The only problem is that they have no offense.

Now who would have ever thought we would being say that about the Patriots? Something doesn’t seem right. The Patriots can’t put up more than six points up against the Cincinnati Bengals, but can hold them to 13? they can also hold the Atlanta Falcons to 23 points?

The Patriots’ offense is unbelievable. I understand needing a few weeks to build some chemistry with your receivers, but the amount of dropped passes and just complete incompetence is mind-blowing. The game against the Bengals was like watching the Arizona Cardinals play the New York Jets. There wasn’t one part of the game that was the least bit intriguing.

Its a good thing the Patriots have a defense, or it would be a long season. Thankfully, the eight games within the division should supply some interesting football to watch. It’s only a matter of time before fans in Boston and New England get frustrated with watching this offense and start calling for changes.

It may be time to get the defense some support and finally sign a free agent that has run a route before — that’s a concept that is new to Patriots fans.

On a side note, if one more Patriots receiver gets up and celebrates a first down after dropping three passes, the entire city should support Bill Belichick benching them for the next 11 games. I guess the one upside to all of this is that the last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl, they actually had a defense.

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