No Blueprint Released for Denver Broncos Yet

By Tylor Walden
Matthew Emmons USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos received quite a scare on Sunday as they narrowly escaped from AT&T Stadium in Arlington with a 51-48 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. Now the question arises, can the Broncos be defeated?

The way I look at this game was that Tony Romo and the Cowboys played well enough to win. Coming into the game, the Broncos were in the bottom five in pass defense. It clearly showed with Romo throwing for 503 yards, shredding that Broncos secondary with each pass that went into the air. I’m sure that Denver misses Champ Bailey right about now.

The front seven could barely put any pressure on, as well. Romo had a good 7-to-10 seconds in the pocket to throw the ball the majority of the game. Give credit to the offensive linemen for protecting Romo as well as they did. This game showed that the suspension of Von Miller hurt the Broncos. You also have to put into consideration that some key starters for Denver got injured in the game. The ones who could provide that pass rush. Would the game have changed if Wesley Woodard played the entire 60 minutes? Probably, since Woodard could be relied on to put pressure on the quarterback.

However, watching games like this, you have to realize that it takes just one big play to change the tide of a game. The Broncos’ defense made that play to turn the tables. Danny Trevathan‘s interception deep inside Dallas territory was the big play that won the game for the Broncos. That proved to be the game changer for both teams.

I do not believe the Cowboys completely shut down Peyton Manning and his offensive weapons, which through the first five games has not been an easy task. The Cowboys made enough plays to keep fans on the edge of their seats throughout the game, but in reality Manning was playing well to keep the Broncos in the game.

After watching the game, I do not believe a blueprint came from Denver’s narrow victory. This is because the Broncos defense is still healing and teams are not forcing Manning into multiple mistakes. If a team down the road beats Denver when the whole team returns and is at 100 percent will we finally see if there truly is a way to do the impossible.

But for this shootout, the Broncos just happened to have enough bullets in the gun to win.

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