Seattle Seahawks Lack Pressure to Go Undefeated

By Todd Pheifer
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have been the recipients of a lot of hype already this season. After starting 4-0, it was clear that much of the hype was justified. However, fans knew that the momentum was not likely to last forever.

Eventually, it was a statistical likelihood that the ‘Hawks would lose. Russell Wilson can’t engineer a game-winning drive in every contest.

Granted, the Seahawks came close to winning this game on the road against a very good Indianapolis Colts team. In the end, there was not enough time for a final drive and Seattle had a difficult time stopping Andrew Luck in the second half.

Sure, the Seahawks have some problems. The offensive line still has a lot of holes. The defense did not look particularly dominant against a Colts teams that was able to put 34 points on the board.

However, there is always a silver lining to a loss. If you are going to lose, do it earlier in the season rather than later. If you are going to lose, fall to a talented team on the road. If you are going to lose, fight to the end and put yourself in a position to win.

Truthfully, being undefeated is overrated in the NFL. Teams have proven that you just need to make the playoffs. Granted, for a team like the Seahawks the record does matter because CenturyLink Field provides such a fantastic home field advantage. Still, losses are inevitable.

Nobody likes to lose, but this team was unlikely to go 16-0. The longer the ‘Hawks were undefeated, the more people were going to focus on the record. When you are a team as talented as the Seahawks, there is some advantage to slipping a bit under the radar.

You don’t want the confidence to suffer, but there is value in being reminded that you are not invincible. There is still work to do.

Let the undefeated New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos get all the hype. The Seahawks will still win a lot of games this season and they have a great shot at winning the division.

Watch the film. Take notes. Learn lessons. Get healthy. Move on. Prepare for the Tennessee Titans.

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