Should Winless New York Giants Can Tom Coughlin?

By Harrison Turkheimer
Tom Coughlin
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Sunday was a must-win for the New York Giants and Eli Manning. It came and went, and the Philadelphia Eagles walked out with the victory.

With a team now at 0-5 and facing a short week, questions amongst the New York media have begun to swirl more intensely than a twister. What is up with the Giants? Why are they playing so poorly? Where do they go from here ?

Fans have seen the ups and downs of this team. The Giants are hurting. They have a lot of injuries, their running back situation is a huge question mark, and their defense can’t stop anyone. Where do they go from here? We all know that the first person that will get getting all the blame is going to be head coach Tom Coughlin — the same coach that won two Super Bowls with this team and who made Eli Manning a household name.

Listen, this team needs work; its about time they re-tool in the draft as the need a running back, they need to get depth on the offensive line and their defense is far from what it used to be. Do I think that Coughlin should get canned ? Nope. But do I think that its time for some new blood? Sure.

Eli isnt going any where, nor is Victor Cruz. This team is now 0-5 and 0-2 in the division. Unfortunately, Giants fans, its time to think about the team’s future and beyond. This season is a dud. Aaron Ross‘s prophecy is wrong, and this team will not make the playoffs.

Its time to look for their next head coach — a coach that will work with Eli and help rebuild the defense that took down the undefeated New England Patriots. That’s the bottom line. Don’t be ashamed at the Giants having to rebuild — at least they’re not the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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