Time For Houston Texans' Fans To Panic

By Andrew Fisher
Houston Texans
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2013 was supposed to be the year when the Houston Texans finally took the next step. They’ve been a good team for several years now, but to this point, the Texans really haven’t won much. With the AFC figuring to be pretty wide open this season, the climate seemed right for Houston to make a run at the AFC crown. Through five games, it’s fair to say that this season has been a huge disappointment.

It’s funny how a season can turn on a dime, but Matt Schaub‘s pick-six late in the game against the Seattle Seahawks in week four seems to a turning point for the worse for this Texans team. They had one of the NFC’s top teams on the ropes and let them off the hook. It was demoralizing loss that led to fans burning Schaub’s jersey.

Houston had a chance to get back on track in a big way in week five, but the San Francisco 49ers controlled the entire contest, partially thanks to three more interceptions from Schaub. The veteran QB threw another pick-six and went 19 of 35 while failing to find the end zone. It’s with that performance by the QB and the rest of this Texans team, that it’s time to panic if you’re a fan.

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Panic is a large term when it comes to sports. There are different levels of panic. In this case, the Texans aren’t yet a team in danger of missing the playoffs. They’re 2-3 with plenty of time left to rebound and make the postseason. There’s a ton of talent on both sides of the ball and I’d be shocked if things didn’t come together for this team over the next couple of weeks. But just making the playoffs is not the bar for this Houston squad.

The bar is much higher now and fans, as they should, are expecting this team to compete for a conference title. Based on what we’ve seen so far in 2013, this team is nowhere near championship caliber. It’s still early enough where that could change, but something has to change quickly. The most likely alteration at this point is no doubt the man behind center.


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