5 Things We Learned from NFL Week 5

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5 Things the NFL Taught Us in Week 5

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Another week in the NFL has come and gone, and that means things are more clear, right? Actually I think just the opposite has happened. Instead of things becoming more clear, I think things are more confusing. Take the game on Sunday night for instance. Not the normal Sunday night game, but the game that was billed as a special Sunday night edition of Thursday night football. Confused? Yeah, I think most of America was. Of course I'm thinking most people in America didn't see the game since it ended after 2:00 a.m. eastern time Monday morning.

I'm pretty sure there's some confusion in the New York Giants' front office right now as well. Head coach Tom Coughlin has brought two Super Bowls to the Big Apple since he's been there. However, right now his team is playing sloppy and terrible. You hate to think a team has given up, especially five games into the season, but this team has the attitude of one that has given up.

There has to be confusion in the Cowboys' front office as well. Last season under Rob Ryan, the Cowboys' defense wasn't perfect but it was manageable. Statistically, the Saints on the other hand were the worst defense in NFL history. Swap Ryan and put him on the Saints and with almost the same group of guys, he has turned that defense around. The Cowboys, however, have given up 400 plus passing yards to three different quarterbacks already in five games.

It was a week in which we saw the battle of two young, upstart quarterbacks until both went out with injury. Unfortunately for both the Cleveland Browns and the Buffalo Bills both quarterbacks will be out for a while. Cleveland's will be out the rest of the season as Brian Hoyer had to have season-ending knee surgery. E.J. Manuel will miss at least four weeks for the Bills.

We also saw rookie quarterback Geno Smith lead another game winning drive for the New York Jets. The Mark Sanchez injury may have been a blessing in disguise for the Jets. Without his injury, Smith may not be playing. They may still have the same record, but the future quarterback would be sitting on the bench instead of developing on the field like he is now. With all of that in mind, here are five more things we learned from the NFL in Week 5.

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5. Anything you can do I can do better (or not)

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On Sunday, we saw one of the greatest quarterback showdowns we've seen in a long time. Tony Romo threw for a franchise record 506 yards in the loss to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos who threw for 414 yards in the win. Even with the career day, Romo is taking much criticism for the interception he threw while the game was tied at 48. With just over two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Romo threw his only interception of the game, giving the ball to Manning and the Broncos in Cowboys territory.

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4. No you did not do that

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There are some records that you do not want to own the title on. For instance, Brett Favre holds the record for most career interceptions thrown. Not really a record you want to be associated with. Matt Schaub now owns one of those records as he threw a pick-six for the fourth consecutive game. The poor play of Schaub has become so bad that he was benched Sunday night against the 49ers.

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3. Say What

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Sometimes announcers say things that make you scratch your head. Troy Aikman had one of those moments during Sunday's broadcast of the Saints-Bears game. Here's what he said: "It's interesting because when we came into the season really everyone was talking about the NFC being the stronger conference and the only real powerhouse in the AFC being Denver but [laughs], but y'know, coming into this weekend and the undefeated teams, only Seattle out of the NFC." Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the Saints undefeated going into last weekend? Ironically, you would think Aikman would know the records of the teams he is broadcasting. Perhaps a little research is in order.

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2a. The most disappointing team in football is...

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The New York Giants. 0-5! Enough said.

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2b. The most disappointing team in football is...

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The Atlanta Falcons. 1-4! Enough said.

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1. And the Oscar Goes to...

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The Bengals defense. What a gutsy performance they had on Sunday. I know the Patriots aren't the same team with the same weapons, but they still have Brady. The Bengals were able to keep Brady out of the end zone all afternoon.

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