Biased Broadcasters Don't Give Philadelphia Eagles Backup QB Nick Foles A Chance

By williambontrager
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Usually, I keep my rants on the players, the administration and the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, but the sports media often can afford a little chastisement too. When listening to Sports Radio WIP today, it was hard not to notice how biased against Nick Foles two of the broadcasters were.

These were none other than the untouchable personalities Mike Barkann and Ike Reese, who practically bent their necks out of joint to kiss the wounded hamstrings of their fallen epic figure, Michael Vick.

Apparently they were getting frustrated at the high volume of calls supporting Foles in the quarterback position. They both were very loud today, screaming, ranting and panting on their microphones, cutting off callers trying to make a legitimate case for No. 9.

I wrote about it in preseason when this very same group was injecting the Vick drug into the spidery veins of the fickle masses that he did not win the competition over Foles. Sure he had bigger passes and more impressive scrambles, but Foles commanded the Chip Kelly system more efficiently.

This was evident against the New York Giants last Sunday when Vick limped out of the game. Foles managed to drive his team down the field and score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. With Vick collapsing near the red zone frequently this was even more impressive to fans desperate for a rare victory.

But Vick somehow slipped into the bloodstream and had the media’s heads spinning euphorically, dazed off his majesty to tuck the ball and run.

Poor Ike Reese nearly made himself hoarse today with his sputtering and blubbering over Vick’s dominance while his partner Mike, boasted about his facial like the pampered broadcaster that he is.

Allow for two sides of a discussion Mike and Ike! Just once, learn from some of your colleagues and admit when your callers make an educated point. The amount of Vick love going around made me almost wish for those shrill PETA people to call the station again.

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