Dallas Cowboys’ Momentum Not Enough Against Denver Broncos

By Elaine J. Dispo
QBs Manning and Romo
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

In country-western battles, aren’t the cowboys supposed to dominate the horses?

Apparently not, and all it took was two seconds for the Dallas Cowboys to surrender their Week 5 game, when they couldn’t tame the Denver Broncos on their own field. As of late, the Broncs still remain undefeated, along with the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints, so far this NFL season.

Both teams’ quarterbacks definitely had their field day, and my approach to their strengths and the aftermath of the game comes from my communication background, having studied and taught the subject, because team communication was always a topic in my classroom.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who set franchise passing records of five touchdowns and 506 yards, exercised effective interpersonal communication, which is communication between two people. Romo communicated trust to his teammates, who he turned to when throwing the ball to them to score touchdowns.

Therefore, tight end Jason Witten and wide receivers Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley and Dez Bryant (who I represented with his Breast Cancer Awareness jersey and pink WR gloves as October is BCA Month) received Romo’s messages and the ball well.

Group communication, which is communication among people who share the same goal, took place on the stands, while I was at the AT&T Stadium for this Dallas-Denver meeting. Fellow “True Blue” fans and I were ready to set some Broncos supporters surrounding us in their place. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get that far.

Although Romo racked up higher numbers than Broncos QB Peyton Manning, the latter demonstrated strong intrapersonal communication, which is communication with oneself. Manning had enough confidence in himself to pull that “naked bootleg” in the last two seconds, and virtually nobody else saw it coming. “The Sheriff” surely did his Broncs a solid.

Of course, mass communication prevailed after regulation, with media frenzy running rampant about whether to hold Romo responsible for Dallas’ loss to Denver. The Cowboys maintain positive group communication by backing the QB of “America’s team.” I could imagine waterworks from the T.O. show if only he could stand by Romo now. However, the same support doesn’t go for safety Will Allen, who was released on Tuesday.

The Cowboys should take this game experience of short-lived success as a silver lining and a stepping stone toward improving in games to come, by not losing sight of their goals – from the end zone to playoff eligibility – which means that they cannot lose momentum even within two seconds out of the 60 minutes on the clock of regular playing time. We cannot disregard Romo’s career best; this just emphasizes the need for more of these top-notch performances and consistency from here on out.

A competitor could only do so well around the clock, but the fate may not be determined until the very end. Take this boxing match as an analogy: Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines vs. Juan Manuel Márquez from México in 2012 when they fought for the fourth time. “Pacman,” the Filipino boxer, was leading his Mexican competitor in the first five rounds, until the sixth when “Dinamita” knocked him out. As Brandy Norwood could sing in the ring: “Almost doesn’t count.”

While Manning and his Broncos have a 5-0 record, his little brother QB Eli Manning and his New York Giants are at the extreme opposite with 0-5. This is atypical of a team after two Super Bowl wins with head coach Tom Coughlin.

The timing for Coughlin could not be worse after his release of Earn the Right to Win: How Success in Any Field Starts with Superior Preparation, earlier this year. I purchased his book as soon as it hit the stands and highly suggest that the Giants get on the ball by resuming their coach’s published tips, especially to focus (while mine is on the Cowboys).

On a somewhat bright note for Dallas, the Cowboys currently lead the NFC East, tied with the Philadelphia Eagles (who I took pleasure in seeing Dallas defeat live at the Cowboys’ last 2009-10 regular season home game) at 2-3.

Elaine Dispo is a Dallas Mavericks writer for RantSports.com. Follow her on Twitter, “Like” her on Facebook or add her to your network on Google.

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