Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Thinks You Should Cut Monte Kiffin Some Slack

By ryanneiman
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Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones‘ response to defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin‘s inept ability to prevent the Denver Broncos to score at will in their 51-48 loss was summed up in four words: Cut him some slack. Are you serious, Mr. Jones? Kiffin did not have an answer to counter the Broncos’ offensive attack, with included 517 total yards, but Jones’ answer is simply to give him the benefit of the doubt due to the circumstances of playing against the highest scoring team in the NFL. This has to be a joke, right?

Through the first five weeks of the 2013 season, the Cowboys rank 28th in total defense allowing 409 yards per game, 31st in pass defense allowing 326.4 yards in the air per game, and they have allowed more than 2,000 yards on the season with 1,028 of those yards have occurring during losses. Opposing teams are averaging 27 points per game against the Cowboys. In their last two games, their defense has allowed 81 points, which consecutively saw Philip Rivers and Peyton Manning each throw for over 400 passing yards and combined for seven passing touchdowns. An amazing fact of the last two games involving the Cowboys’ defense is that they have garnered zero sacks. With all of these facts being presented, how can Jones not place responsibility on Kiffin after he fired Rob Ryan for him underwhelming impact he had on the defense last year?

Many will point the finger at the awful performances by those who are on the defensive side of the ball. Many will say, “DeMarcus Ware has been nowhere to be found pressuring the quarterback,” that “Morris Clairborne still has yet to develop the talent which comes with being a first round draft pick,” or “Ryan never had to deal with the injuries Kiffin has encountered this season.” However, it is ultimately Kiffin who orchestrates the makeup of the defense, and he is the one who is calling the plays. If there is a lack of communication in understanding his Tampa Bay 2 scheme, there will be a defensive break-down which will result in critical errors. Everything that fails on defense should fall on Kiffin’s shoulders.

Of course, Jerry has to “cut him some slack,” considering the defensive coach he fired last season is a valuable asset to the 5-0 New Orleans Saints and the head coach he fired before hiring Jason Garrett has reached the playoffs with the Houston Texans as a defensive coordinator ever since leaving Dallas.

Again, cut him some slack, Mr. Jones? Are you serious?

Ryan Neiman writes for Rant Sports covering Dallas Cowboys Football. You can follow him on Twitter @FantasyUSports or @RyanNAnthony

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