Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo Not To Blame for Team's Woes

By Peter Alexander Diaz
Tony Romo Against Denver
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Another week has come and gone for the Dallas Cowboys, yet the same storylines seem to keep popping up. The same blame-game is being played as well. Just by watching Sunday’s game, it’s easy to blame Tony Romo for this loss. Did a fourth quarter interception with two minutes to play really “cost” the Cowboys the game, though?

You either love Romo or you hate him. There really is no in-between when it comes to rooting for this man. The haters find ways to mock him and call him obscene names. Those that love Tony will cry like Terrell Owens in 2008 after a playoff loss; “That’s my teammate. That’s my quarterback.”

In a 48-51 loss to the Denver Broncos, Romo had his best career game going 25-of-36 passing for 506 yards, five touchdowns with on interception. He outplayed Peyton Manning, and it’s evident in the stat line. To take away all he did for four quarters and chalk this loss all on him is unfair. Romo distributed the ball to eight different receivers, half of them catching a TD and three of them with over 100 yards receiving. Romo continues to shine in the 2013season with 1,523 yards passing, 13 touchdowns and only two interceptions through five games.

This loss comes down to coaching and solely on the coaching staff with bad play calling with first-and-goal to go passing on all three plays. This didn’t happen once but twice. Then there is the defensive coaching, not putting enough creative blitz packages together, playing a little too much zone, all leading to not getting to Manning.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The one person that deserves none of it Tony Romo. Dallas Cowboys fans, this is your QB! It’s been an up and down decade, but I urge you to keep your faith in Tony. He has proven he can get a team to the playoffs. He has proven he can win a playoff game (1-3). He has all the stats to be in conversation with some of the best in the NFL. There is no lack of confidence or grit as he has proven by playing through injury.

He has played well in games that matter, in moments that matter. There have been mistakes along the way, and just like anything else there is time to learn and grow. This never stops in the NFL. Romo will guide the Cowboys to the playoffs. Romo will this team to a 10-6 mark and an NFC East title.

With his best game in the rear view and heading into a Sunday night game against the rival Washington Redskins, look for Romo to shine once again. He is the Dallas Cowboys QB and will be for a long time. So it’s time to jump on board because you don’t want to be that fair-weather fan, only coming out when the times are sunny. He will lead this team to a Super Bowl and like his idol, Brett Favre, he will win at least one Super Bowl Ring.

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