Kansas City Chiefs Have Chance to Go Into Week 11 vs. Broncos Undefeated

By Cody Williams
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As I’m sure you’ve heard if you listen to anyone talk about the Kansas City Chiefs recently, they have started the 2013 NFL season at 5-0 after winning just two games and having the worst record in the league last season. Oh, how grabbing a quality head coach (Andy Reid) and better-than-awful quarterback (Alex Smith or not Brady Quinn/Matt Cassel) can change a team’s fortunes.

In all seriousness, this team has truly benefitted from having Reid and Smith this season. The Chiefs defense has realized it’s potential and is currently is allowing the fewest points per game of any team in the league. More than that, Smith has done a solid job of managing the offense, which has also led Jamaal Charles to be one of the most productive backs in the league.

The turnaround that the Chiefs franchise is in the middle of right now is abrupt and impressive. However, possibly the craziest thing about this 2013 season for the Chiefs is the fact that their undefeated run could go on a lot longer than it already has.

In the coming weeks the Chiefs face, in order, the Oakland Raiders, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills leading up to their bye in week 10. Looking at that four-game slate, those are four incredibly winnable games for KC.

The Raiders are 2-3 on the season, but certainly haven’t shown much that would threaten the Chiefs in week five. The Texans would probably be their most formidable opponent were it not for the fact that Matt Schaub has been scoring more for the other team than for Houston lately. Cleveland is at 3-2, but with Brian Hoyer out and Brandon Weeden in, they’re hardly scary. Buffalo may actually be their biggest threat as a team that feels like they haven’t played up to their potential yet, assuming E.J. Manuel would be back by week nine.

The most fun thing about the Chiefs potentially going 9-0, though, is that they match up with the Denver Broncos in week 11 as they come off of their bye. With the way the Broncos have been playing, that could potentially be a matchup between two unbeaten teams, from the same division no less. That would be and enormous game in terms of playoff implications and in terms of general enjoyment. For the sake of that clash of the Titans, I’m rooting for a 9-0 Chiefs start.

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