New York Jets Win Makes New England Patriots Fans Even More Concerned

By Tony Tranghese
Wallace Gilberry-USA Today Sports

The New York Jets hanging 30 points on the Atlanta Falcons doesn’t exactly make me feel warm and fuzzy about the New England Patriots anymore. The Patriots’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals was as bad as originally thought. After listening to sports casters and analysis about the game, I thought to myself, maybe it was just the weather, maybe Tom Brady really is human, and most importantly, the defense was impressive again. I mean, they did beat the Falcons and they needed to put points up to do it, so it is possible. Then I watched the Jets hang 30 on the Falcons.

The Jets, of all teams. The Jets, who have had one of most anemic offenses in the league the past three years. So maybe the Patriots really aren’t that good, and maybe the Falcons really are terrible. It’s still tough to tell, but the Patriots clearly are not the team they once were. I still find it hard to believe you can win with defense in a league where teams are trying as hard as they can to out up as many points as possible.

If the Patriots had put up 14-21 points Sunday, I may feel differently. The fact of the matter is that they didn’t. The Bengals’ defense deserves some respect, but let’s be real, they shouldn’t be good enough to hold Brady to six points and no touchdowns.

The AFC east is atrocious, and it just goes to show you how much parody there is in the NFL. But when you feel good about beating a team and then your rival goes and does it too, there isn’t much left to hang your hat on.

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