New York Jets: Win Over Atlanta Falcons Anything But A Stunning Upset

By Harrison Turkheimer
Geno Smith
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

As this game unfolded, so did the growth of this New York Jets team.

From the wildcat plays to a dominating defensive front line, fans can clearly see that this team knows how to play football. My issue is when they play down to their competition. This was a Monday night matchup against a very good Atlanta Falcons team.

Fans saw Geno Smith look over the middle and make the smart throw to Jeff Cumberland, Jeremy Kerley and others with numerous clutch plays, and the running backs used their ground and pound to get back to the core of what this team has been.

For the first half, you can be sure that this team knew that no one gave them a shot, and wanted to prove everyone wrong. “Delirious”? Really Mike Tirico? For the Jets, it’s simply about timing and the system to be put in place. Last night was a clear indication that in the long run, the Jets are going to be okay.

They showed last night that with a fire in their stomachs and players making smart plays that they will be pointed in the right direction. With a few more draft picks to build the squad and solidify a week-to-week game plan, there is immense potential on the horizon.

With a stop that defensive line put up at the end of the first half, its clear that coach Rex Ryan has his team on the right path. Having Rex’s defensive mind leave after last season may not have been the worst thing in the world, but whether or not he is the head coach come the end of the season is another story.

It is always fun to hear a coach at the end of game. Hearing Rex say that all that he cares about are the Jets fans and the team being “inside their walls” is a bold and so true statement.

This game last night was about believing — believing that Geno could play up to his potential, that the Jets can come into Atlanta and win, and that this team has a true balance and the capability to do something that no one thought that they could do. The Jets came up when they needed to; they were a “bend but don’t break” defense, and always having faith in their kicker helps.

People will talk all day today about how this was a stunning upset. An upset maybe, but stunning? Not in my eyes.

This is a team that should have gone into Foxboro and beaten the New England Patriots, so you’re more or less looking at an 4-1 team, but then again, who would have thought the Jets would be 3-2? It’s a great morning for all Jets fans across the country to keep their heads held high.

Take pride in your green and white and know that this team is going to really be something special down the road, then shake off this win get ready for this upcoming Sunday for a great potential matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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