Rex Ryan Is A Different Coach Than He Was Two Years Ago

By Tony Tranghese
Jim Brown- USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan needs to coach with in his element. The New York Jets coach made some questionable decisions early in Monday night’s game that had everyone, including me, shaking their head. I’m still trying to figure out why you would go for it on fourth and one so early in the game. Unless Ryan wanted to draw them off sides, the play really didn’t make a ton of sense. Not to mention that he threw a challenge flag that I felt he knew he had no shot of winning. It was like he was going all in five minutes into the game. Ryan is not the same coach he was two years ago. Two years ago, he would have kicked the field goal, managed the game, and relied on his defense to win the game.

Ryan is a coach who used to pride himself on defense and managing the game, and now he is going to go for it on fourth down in a game where I honestly thought points were going to be at a premium for the Jets. I couldn’t have been more wrong, by the way.

It just seems that Ryan has lost his way. Now, if Geno Smith plays the way he did last night, it may not matter. The bigger question here is what are the expectations for the Jets this year? Are they a five hundred team? Should they be considered a wild card since they are in the AFC East? There are so many questions surrounding the Jets, that it may be better if Ryan sticks to calling plays and playing within the element of what they are capable.

If the expectations really are low, what’s the point in going all in and going for broke?

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