Week 5 NFC East Power Rankings

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NFC East Power Rankings

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Week 5 brought with it plenty of drama for the NFL’s NFC East division. Three of the four teams in the division were active with the Washington Redskins on their bye week.

The New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles got the party started on Sunday when they squared off in New York. The Giants dropped to 0-5 first the time in a non-strike-shortened season since 1979. For the Eagles, they saw starting quarterback Michael Vick go down with an injury.

The Dallas Cowboys got the always difficult task of stopping the Denver Broncos. While they may not have stopped them, they certainly kept up only losing by three points, 51-48. It was an exciting game to watch, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that it was the best performance he had ever seen from Tony Romo.

Again, the division had a sub-.500 record on the week at 1-2. Not too long ago, the NFC East used to be an NFL power and one that most teams didn’t want to be in. Now, the rest of the NFL can’t wait to play an NFC East team because they know it’s a game that they can most certainly win. For whatever reason, the division just can’t bring it anymore.

For this week’s power rankings, I’ll try to take into account the Redskins' bye, but that likely won’t affect their ranking. Actually, if you go back and take a look at last week's ranking, you may find that there isn’t much difference. However, I will add a little something to each slide letting you know if that team is in danger of losing that position this coming week or if they have it on lock down for another week.

Away we go!

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4. New York Giants (Last Week: 4)

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What is there to say? The New York Giants are simply horrendous for some reason this year. They had a great chance to beat a struggling Eagles team at home and blew it. New York committed four turnovers en route to the 36-21 loss. In all five games this season, the Giants have given up at least 31 points. They’ve got some big problems in the Big Apple.

Barring something dramatic happening next week against the Chicago Bears in Chicago, expect the Giants to remain in the cellar next week.

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3. Washington Redskins (Last Week: 3)

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There’s not much to say about the Redskins this weekend since they were on their bye week. The defense needs to improve, the offense needs to get more consistent and we’re still anxiously awaiting a breakout performance from quarterback Robert Griffin III.

They are in perfect position to move up in the rankings with a win over the Dallas Cowboys this coming week. A solid performance and they could find themselves higher in the rankings next Monday.

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2. Philadelphia Eagles (Last Week: 2)

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The Eagles stay put at No. 2 this week after their victory over the lowly Giants. Michael Vick went down with an injury and Nick Foles is set to start next weekend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Chip Kelly says that Vick will be the starter when returns regardless of what Foles does. I’m not buying that one bit. As a team, they showed some life.

I’m feeling less and less confident in the Eagles each week. They are in serious danger of losing this position to the Redskins. If they play well against the Bucs, it’s theirs. If they lose in a bad way, Washington could be here next week.

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1. Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: 1)

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The Cowboys find themselves high atop these rankings after losing to the mighty Broncos by just three points. If it weren’t for Tony Romo’s late interception, maybe they would’ve won this game. One thing is for sure, don’t disrespect this offense. They went toe-to-toe with the most prolific offensive unit in the NFL today. They took on the Broncos in a shootout and darn near won it.

I don’t see the Cowboys losing this spot next weekend unless they really blow it against the Redskins. They’ve pretty much got this spot locked up.

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Week 6 Outlook and Predictions

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We’ve already talked about a couple games in the division this week, but here’s a quick look at the upcoming schedule.

The Giants will be taking on the Bears in Chicago. This could get ugly in a hurry. The Bears defense is stiff and played well against a solid offense in the New Orleans Saints. If I had to make a prediction, which I’m going to, I’d pick the Bears to win this one and the Giants to fall to 0-6. Yikes.

The Eagles will be heading to Tampa to take on the Bucs. This one is a toss up and could go either way. New quarterbacks have played this year when they get a random start. I’m going with the Eagles in this one.

The Redskins and the Cowboys go head to head in Dallas on Sunday Night Football this week. If the Redskins secondary can’t figure out to cover and the defense itself can’t figure out how to tackle, this could get ugly in a hurry. I’ve got a very bad feeling about this for Washington. The Cowboys will win this one, it’s just a matter of how much will they win it by?

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