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5 NFL Teams You Shouldn’t Expect A Win From In Week 6

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5 Teams Who Won't Get A Win In Week 6

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Week in and week out of the NFL season, there are always some landslide victories in the direction you didn’t expect but then there are always some landslide victories by teams that you’d expect it from. Those games are fun to watch if you are a fan of the team winning, but some of my favorite games are the close and tight ones where it can go either way. Some weeks we get more of those while other weeks we have many blowouts.

Predicting each game’s outcome for that week is always exciting. There are three different categories for the teams that play those games each week. There is the category where you know a certain team will win. There is another category where you just want to avoid the two teams playing because it is going to be a close game and could go one way or another. However, the category I would like to discuss right now are the teams that you know will lose this week. Whether they put up a tough fight and come up just short, or they get completely dominated the entire game, you know one way or another they will find a way to lose.

This week will be no different. There are a few games that look really interesting on paper and hopefully they look the same way on the field; if they do it will make for a very exciting week for NFL football. However, no matter how hard these five teams play and try this week, they will still come up on the losing end.

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5. New York Giants

New York Giants
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0-5 will turn into 0-6 this week for the Giants. Having to go into Chicago and play the Bears at Soldier Field isn't an easy task, especially after having a shortened week of practice.

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4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Josh Freeman is now in Minnesota, but even before the change at quarterback, the Buccaneers' season was basically already over. It doesn't get any easier for them this week with Chip Kelly's high powered offense in town. No Michael Vick at quarterback will mean nothing for the Eagles. Nick Foles will get them a victory regardless.

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3. Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills
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The Cincinnati Bengals are a talented team and the Bills just can't match up with them in talent. This could be a close game, but in the end Cincy will come out on top.

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2. San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers
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The Colts just defeated the then undefeated Seattle Seahawks, and in primetime on "Monday Night Football" Andrew Luck will lead the Colts to a victory over the San Diego Chargers.

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1. Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders
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Oakland may have picked up a victory over the Chargers early Monday morning, but this week they're dealing with a far superior team. The 5-0 Chiefs host the Raiders this Sunday and will leave Arrowhead 6-0.