Dallas Cowboys Fans Need to Chill

By Harrison Turkheimer
Tony Romo
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The Dallas Cowboys have become a team of epic ups and downs. From the muffed extra point snap in Seattle to most recently, Sunday’s “throw-away” interception by none other than Tony Romo. The days of Jimmy Johnson and Troy Aikman are far behind, and still holding his head held high is Jerry Jones, aka Fearless Leader.

The 2013 campaign has started off similarly to most, with capable wins, stupid losses and literally giving the ball to the other team when the game is on the line. My question through all the ups and downs, Cowboys fans, is would you have it any other way? Remember, there are 32 teams in the league, and truthfully, you have a top-15 player at each of the “star” positions, as well as a stud defensive end (DeMarcus Ware) and a young talented corner in Morris Claiborne. So, Cowboys fans, relax. You could be the Oakland Raiders.

My gripe comes with all those who are ripping Romo apart after his late-game pick against the Denver Broncos. Sure, this is not the first time he has done this, and yes, you still have not reached the promise land with him (especially with all that money your paying him). Be happy, though, that he is your quarterback. As a New York Jets fan, I had to deal with the “buttfumble” every week! You think you could handle that embarrassment? Look at the stats from Sunday BEFORE that pick. 500 yards and five touchdowns! Those are Madden numbers!

We get it, Cowboys fans, you’re not happy being mediocre year in and year out. Well, at the end of the day, something has to give. Is it Jones not doing his job? Do you want Jason Garrett out ?

My point here is, I think your placing the blame on the wrong guy. Romo is a capable franchise quarterback with the pieces around him to be successful. It’s not as if you have Christian Ponder or Blaine Gabbert. You have a quarterback that has lead your team, the most critical position on a football field, but it doesn’t mean you need to dump on him at every mistake that may have been made. Watch the replay, GREAT catch top-10-esque move by Danny Trevathan to make that interception. Without it, the drive is still alive.

Romo is on the level of the upper-echelon of quarterbacks in the league. Everyone makes mistakes, the point here is that he has corrected them. It’s still early in the 2013 campaign, let’s see what he can do for a 500 yard and five-TD encore.

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