Kansas City Chiefs Undefeated Season Was Meant To Be

By Troy Alan
Howard Smith – USA Today Sports

Just in case you’re wondering if the Kansas City Chiefs success this season is written in the stars, I’ve ventured in search for you. I’ve found some interesting things in my astrological travels.

There are four different signs that four players on top of the Chiefs depth chart fall under. Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Well, maybe … I’ll explain in a moment.

If you combine the astrological traits of the starters that fall under those four signs the Chiefs could be described as follows this season: masculine, positive, protective, loyal, passionate, obsessive, persistent, ambitious and full of stamina. Sounds pretty good, eh?

I looked further into 27 player’s birth signs (five special teams players included) and it got even more interesting.

The entire Kansas City offensive front-five fall under signs of the Cardinal modality, with the exception of left tackle Branden Albert. A Cardinal is known for being active, having initiative and vitality. As the youngest line in the league, the Chiefs have been juggled around due to injuries and have faired quite well.

Branden is a Fixed modal, which implies an unwillingness to change and great will power. Albert requested a trade this offseason when the Chiefs drafted tackle Eric Fisher first overall because he refused to move to right tackle. He remains with Kansas City and is starting on the left side.

There are four elements to astrology: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. The Chiefs offense is lacking some “fire” power this season, and not one starter on that side of the ball was born under the element. Their leading receiver, Donnie Avery, is the only offensive player that is “air” born. Quarterback Alex Smith, the Chiefs’ second leading rusher, bears an “earth” birthdate.

Ironically, neither punter Dustin Colquitt nor kicker Ryan Succop were born “air” elements either. Colquitt leads the NFL in punts inside the twenty. Succop led Kansas City in points scored against the Tennessee Titans last week with 14. Three FGs and two PATs. Both players are earth signs

Now for the maybe part…

The Chiefs have two astrological “cusp” players in their starting lineup this season, Derrick Johnson and Brandon Flowers. It depends upon the year and time of birth to decide which sign they fall under

If Johnson was born a Scorpio, then all four starting linebackers are of “fixed” modality. If not, he’s the only Mutable modal in the corps. These people are considered “adaptable,” which is fitting with him remaining a starter in Kansas City under four different coaching schemes in his career. Flowers could also either be fixed or mutable depending on timing. Last week, he started at strong safety instead of in his usual cornerback position. He too has ran the recent Chiefs coaching gauntlet.

Coach Andy Reid is a Pisces and there were no others that started on his team in the game opener this year. (Other than maybe Flowers.) Pisceans are known to be both imaginative and indecisive.

As a Virgo, I am considered analytical and skeptical, which is true. I really wanted to write this article, and now I wonder why? We’ll see…

Troy Alan is a Kansas City Chiefs writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @TRantMedia or “Like” him on Facebook

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