Power Ranking The NFL Divisions

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Power Ranking NFL Divisions

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Thus far this NFL season, some divisions have been really tough (i.e. AFC West) while others have been surprisingly awful (i.e. NFC East). The Denver Broncos being undefeated isn’t surprising, but the Kansas City Chiefs going from 2-14 last season to 5-0 this season is quite the surprise. The NFC East may be the only division that can be won with a losing record this year. The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles currently lead the division with 2-3 records, and although there’s still time for a turn around it just doesn’t look pretty for the entire division.

The AFC East is being led like usual by the New England Patriots, but the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets sit one game behind them so it’s not a runaway yet for the Patriots. The AFC North is extremely competitive. The Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns all have 3-2 records while the usually competitive Pittsburgh Steelers are winless thus far. The AFC South is led by the up and coming Indianapolis Colts and in the basement is the Jacksonville Jaguars, who many consider to be the worst team in all of the NFL.

The Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions lead the NFC North with 3-2 records, but Green Bay is only a half-game behind at 2-2, so this division is far from over. The New Orleans Saints have run away with the NFC South and it’s not even close. The NFC West is topped with the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers to no one’s surprise. The Arizona Cardinals are currently tied with the 49ers, but how long that will last is still to be determined.

Now that we have the breakdowns of each division, here is how they rank heading into Week 6.

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8. NFC East

NFC East
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I don't think anyone thought this division would be going down this way with the talent these teams have on paper. The Cowboys and Eagles currently share the lead at 2-3, and the saddest part is that one of these four teams may finish below .500 and still make the playoffs.

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7. NFC South

NFC South
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It looks like this division is all wrapped up already. Brees and the Saints should sail into the playoffs.

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6. AFC South

AFC South
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The Titans may be only one game behind the Colts right now, but this division is the Colts' to lose. The combo of Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson shows a very bright future for the Colts the rest of this season and many more to come.

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5. AFC North

AFC North
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This may be the most competitive division out them all. The Ravens, Browns and Bengals are all 3-2. The shocking part of all of this would be the basement dwelling 0-4 Pittsburgh Steelers.

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4. NFC North

NFC North
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The Lions and Bears lead this division with a 3-2 record each, but they have to stay on the throttle because the Packers are 2-2 and won't go down without a fight.

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3. AFC East

AFC East
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New England leads this division as usual, but the Bills and surprising Dolphins are only one game behind. If Brady and the Patriots can't get some momentum going, they may be dethroned this season.

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2. NFC West

NFC West
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This division is going to come down to Seattle and San Francisco. Arizona is hanging around right now, but that definitely won't last.

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1. AFC West

AFC West
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Peyton Manning has his undefeated Denver Broncos in first place of this division. Alex Smith has his undefeated Kansas City Chiefs in first place of this division. I bet only the first part of that is what anyone expected this season. Peyton will keep his Broncos in that position all year, but expect the Chiefs to be good enough to get a wildcard spot.