Week 6 Showdown vs. Indianapolis Colts Will Reveal a Lot About San Diego Chargers

By Anthony Blake
Tom Telesco San Diego  Chargers vs. Indianapolis Colts
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Tough losses can build a great deal of character in a football team that can prove valuable later down the line. If that is indeed the case, the San Diego Chargers should have quite the abundance of character given the way they have thrown games away in recent years and even this current season. Their overall make-up will receive a serious once-over against the Indianapolis Colts in their first primetime game since the season opener which, as we all know, didn’t end so well.

This game will reveal a great deal about the Bolts and just how they are building their roster for the future. New general manager Tom Telesco is actually a descendent from the Indianapolis front office and has been attempting the reshape the San Diego roster in a similar mold to the rebuild in Indy. No where is that more evident than with a waiver claim made just this week when the Bolts claimed defensive end Lawrence Guy and released Jarius Wynn.

While it may seem rather innocuous, the move actually shows that the purge of old for new is a never-ending process as Telesco attempts to transform this Chargers team. Wynn is 27 years of age and his ceiling as a player may have already been realize, but Guy is just 23 and has some untapped potential at 6-foot-4, 318-pounds. He actually aided Indy’s win over the Seattle Seahawks with a blocked field goal that the Colts returned for a touchdown.

Depth is clearly something that Telesco is focusing on in his effort to build this Chargers roster back up. The team has struggled in recent years when bitten by the injury bug, but this season has already seen a change of fortunes as the offensive line has persevered in spite of various injuries testing their depth.

Playing the Colts this week won’t exactly be like looking in the mirror, but the Chargers will have to have an eerie feeling of sorts given the similarities. Obviously Andrew Luck under center is substantially younger and more mobile than Philip Rivers in San Diego, but a young receiving corps and budding defense show the reflective qualities between the two sides.

And at 4-1 on the still young season, it’s clear the Colts will offer a stiff challenge between the lines on Monday night. This will be a season-defining game in San Diego where the Chargers either rise up and prove that they can be legitimate contenders right now or they fold like a lawn chair and fans begin to pull for a high draft pick in April.

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