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7 Baltimore Ravens Players Who Need To Step Up In Week 6 vs. Green Bay Packers

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7 Baltimore Ravens Players To Need To Step Up In Week 6 vs. Green Bay Packers

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Last week I started a new slideshow series with 5 Baltimore Ravens Players Who Must Up In Week 5 vs. Miami Dolphins. This week I’m going to keep it going, but for this week I have seven Baltimore Ravens players on the list. Why the change in number you ask? Because this is my column and I can do whatever I want with it.

In last week's column my five players were Dallas Clark, Lardarius Webb, Daryl Smith, Terrell Suggs, and the entire offensive line. I whiffed big time on Clark as he didn’t even have a catch in the game. The offensive line stunk for the most part, giving up two sacks and six hits on QB Joe Flacco, although it felt like more watching the game. Smith was pretty solid with six tackles and a pass deflection. The two I really hit on though were Suggs and Webb. Webb did a great job of covering Mike Wallace all game. Wallace had seven catches for 105 yards, but 49 came on one play, which was an amazing catch by Wallace. Suggs was the hero at the end of the day, though, with three crucial sacks all in the 4th quarter, including the Dolphins' final offensive play in which Suggs sack forced the Dolphins to try a 57-yard field goal which failed and sealed the Ravens victory.

The following players need to step up their games this upcoming week if they hope to beat the Green Bay Packers. As always enjoy the show and don't forget to leave your comments on here or one of my social media sites listed below.

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7. Joe Flacco

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We all know the Packers can put up a lot of points. The Ravens might have to score 30 plus to have a chance here. If that's the case then Flacco will need to be in his 2012 postseason form.

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6. Ray Rice

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Ray Rice actually got carries last week, Hallelujah. Although Rice only had 74 yards on 27 carries the fact of the matter is at least the Ravens tried. Typically the Ravens do well when Rice totes the rock (23-3 with 25 carries or more). It will be important for the Ravens to get Rice involved early. Hopefully the game stays close and Rice can be used to keep Aaron Rodgers off the field.

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5. Eugene Monroe

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Eugene Monroe will most likely be making his debut this Sunday as the new starting left tackle for the Ravens. If Flacco and Rice are to be successful then Monroe will have to prove he's worth the 4th and 5th round picks that the Ravens gave up for him.

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4. Daryl Smith

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This game will no doubt be a huge challenge for the defense. Even if the defense plays a good game they could still give up around 30 points or so. The thing the Ravens can't afford to do, though, is let the Packers run the ball with Eddie Lacy or Jonathon Franklin. Haloti Ngata will be a little banged up coming into this game, so it's imperative that Smith keeps up his great play and helps to shut down the Packers' run game.

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3. Terrell Suggs

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So here comes my clichéd ESPN talking head routine. "The Ravens need to pressure Aaron Rodgers into forcing mistakes." I like that, let me try another: "The Ravens have a great chance to win this game if they score more points than the Packers." That was fun. We all know how important it is for Terrell Suggs to have a big game against this team and this quarterback. Even a five year old child could figure that out. "Back to you, Suzy."

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2. Elvis Dumervil

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Elvis Dumervil has been a tad bit too quiet for my liking this season. This would be a great time for a coming out party. Do I need to go on about how important it is to get pressure on Rodgers? If not I can make the same points over and over again for five minutes.

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1. Jimmy Smith

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We all the Ravens' secondary will be challenged in this game, and they're going to give up some yards, there's no way around it. Webb will likely neutralize whoever he covers, whether it's Randall Cobb, James Jones, or Jordy Nelson. He can't cover all those guys, though, so it will be up to Jimmy Smith to step up his game. Smith has been playing well thus far this season, but if he goes back to his old undisciplined ways, then it could be a really long day.