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Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5 Reasons to Watch

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5 Reasons to watch Denver Broncos vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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It is perhaps the most lopsided matchup in recent years.

On Sunday afternoon, the undefeated (and perhaps the best team in football) Denver Broncos face the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. Most fans of football may not even bother watching the game due to how much of a potential blowout this game will turn out to be. In fact, the game could be a snooze fest for the most part.

Despite the potential of being a game that will be hard for fans to tune in to for the whole 60 minutes, there are some interesting storylines that I believe will make for watching the game intriguing. And that will be challenging since on paper the game won't be as appealing to the human eye. Even though this game will likely be a blowout to pretty much everyone in America, there are still some interesting questions that could be answered.

Don't get me wrong, the Broncos should not overlook this game because of where Jacksonville stands as of now or even look forward to future opponents. Knowing Peyton Manning's mind, he will take this game like any other and play to the best of his ability. And if he does, this game can get really ugly really quickly. And the rest of the Broncos won't take their foot off the gas pedal because of who they are facing. If this team is firing on all cylinders, it can be a long night for Jacksonville.

So, here are five keys to the showdown that features one of the strongest teams in football and a team that is dwelling in the cellar of the league.

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5. How Long will Peyton Manning play?

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Manning is on pace to break a lot of records this season. He is facing a Jaguars team that is reeling so badly that he may be pulled from the game early if it happens to get out of hand very quickly. This would be to prevent him from getting injured when it comes to the rest of the season. This is the sixth game after all, and having a future Hall of Fame quarterback get injured early in the season could spell trouble for the Broncos. Plus with the pace he is going, he could afford to sit one quarter, especially in a game like this.

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4. Knowshon Moreno's Big Game

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Coming into this weekend's game, the Jaguars are one of the worst teams when it comes to stopping the run. Knowshon Moreno is due for a big game, especially if the Broncos believe him to be their star running back for this season. As stated in an article by Brian Zarpentine Moreno is finally playing like a true first round draft pick. This could be the game in which Moreno breaks 100 yards rushing and maybe gets a couple passes thrown his way to amass even more total yards. Moreno should have a field day up until he gets pulled if the game gets out of hand.

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3. Will the Broncos Score 50 points for a Third Straight Game?

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It is challenging to score 50 points or more in a single game, and the Broncos have managed to do it in two straight games. Against a team like the Jaguars, it is a possibility. But you must wonder how long the starters are going to stay in the game. The only way I could possibly see the Broncos scoring 50 plus is if they get at least to 35 before halftime. With this offense and how horrendous the Jaguars' offense is, it can happen. But will it happen is the better question to ask. This might completely depend on how long Manning stays in the game and how the game progresses. It's a possibility, no doubt about it.

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2. How many Points will the Jaguars Score?

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By no means will this be as close as the Broncos' last game against the Dallas Cowboys, but the Broncos' defense is not exactly at full strength nor are they an invincible force field. But you must also put into perspective that the Jaguars' offense is dead last in the league overall. In fact, the Broncos' Twitter account stated that "the Broncos scored the exact number of points in their last game as Jacksonville has scored all season." I believe Jacksonville will be lucky to score more than 10 points against the Broncos, which I see quite a bit of it coming during garbage time when the game is clearly in hand.

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1. Brock Osweiler

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Let's face it; Manning has a couple years left, and then he will retire. The quarterback who is poised to be the next Denver quarterback is Brock Osweiler. If the game gets out of hand, expect the coaching staff to pull Manning out of the game and give Osweiler some playing time. And yes, it won't be meaningful time such as constructing a two minute drive to win the game as time expires, but this will allow Denver fans to see what the future is in store for the franchise. Osweiler did show some promise in garbage time against the Philadelphia Eagles so it will be interesting to see him again and get a better idea of how the franchise will do when the Manning era ends and the reigns are handed to Osweiler.