Eagles vs. Buccaneers: Philadelphia Needs To Stay Away from Darrelle Revis

By Ryan Wenzell
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

If Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are smart they will stay away from Darrelle Revis‘ side of the field at all costs on Sunday. Revis is as close to a shutdown corner as it gets, and he rarely gets beaten. He has only been targeted 12 times this season with a limited number of completions and yards given up against him.

Put simply, teams don’t even bother throwing his way, and the Eagles may be wise to use this strategy. Revis is expected to shadow DeSean Jackson all over the field on Sunday which could be a problem for the Eagles. Besides, Jackson and mega talent LeSean McCoy, not many guys have stepped up for the Eagles on offense. The secondary players are going to have to be huge on Sunday.

If Revis blankets Jackson as expected, Foles is going to need somewhere else to go. Guys like Zach Ertz, Jason Avant, Brent Celek, and Riley Cooper are going to have to come up huge on Sunday for this offense to run at peak performance. McCoy himself is also going to have to get it done on the ground to keep the Tampa Bay Buccaneers‘ pass defense honest.

Head Coach Chip Kelly will also have to design some plays for Jackson to get him away from Revis. Jackson said this week that Revis “isn’t as fast and can’t run with him.” While that may be the case, Revis has blanketed speedsters in the past and just finds a way to get it done against every type of receiver in the book.

If the Eagles want to succeed it would be wise to look every direction except Revis come Sunday.

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