Former Head Coach Bill Cowher Will Be Announcing Pittsburgh Steelers Game This Weekend

By Dave Daniels
Kirby Lee- USA Today Sports

This will come as bittersweet to Pittsburgh Steeler fans, but it might be nice for them to hear a familiar voice to help talk them off the cliff. Bill Cowher used to be the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, and Steeler Nation probably misses those days especially this year. Have some family who are huge Steeler fans, and the bragging is happening considerably less for some reason this year.

Shout out to Chris Strauss for alerting this to me, and it will be interesting to see if the Steel Curtain can make any head way against rookie sensation Geno Smith.

The Steelers have a tough road to hoe for the rest of the year, and think this may be the year that they blow it up a little bit. You don’t get rid of Big Ben (despite some of his off the field actions), but if you are the Steelers I think you have to consider moving some of your veterans. This just does not seem to be working with their current core, and at a certain point I just think you have to look to the future.

We will have to see if Cowher has any insight into what is exactly going wrong this season, and it will be a broadcast definitely worth tuning in for.

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