Houston Texans: Matt Schaub Down To Last Chance vs. St. Louis Rams

By Andrew Fisher
Matt Schaub
Cary Edmondson-USA Today Sports

In what has nearly been a worst case scenario season for the Houston Texans so far, Matt Schaub is now playing for his job. This is the opposite of what Texans’ fans wanted to happen, but it’s reached that point. After some back and forth, Gary Kubiak decided to stick with number eight for Sunday’s matchup against the St. Louis Rams.

Despite their recent struggles, the Texans are still favored by more than a touchdown to take care of business at home. As bad as the Texans were in week five, the Rams have been even worse as of late. So given the circumstances, Schaub couldn’t ask for a better game to get back on track. This is a game that Houston should win and it’s a game that Schaub should perform well in. The Rams are a middle of the pack team against the pass and they’re giving up the fifth most points in the NFL this year (28.2).

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If Schaub plays poorly, even if the Texans win, I don’t see how Kubiak couldn’t make the switch to T.J. Yates. There’s too much talent on the roster and too many weapons around the QB position for the Texans not to be a legitimate threat to win the AFC.

The other underlying factor at play is that Kubiak is coaching for his job at this point. He’s been the head coach in Houston for eight seasons now and he really doesn’t have anything to show for it. So not only does he have to make a switch at QB if Schaub doesn’t snap out of it Sunday, he has to make a switch to try and save his job.


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