Indianapolis Colts Doing Right Thing By Honoring Peyton Manning

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Irsay-Peyton Manning
Brian Spurlock – USA TODAY Sports

It was one of the saddest divorces in sports history, but it was also clear the time was right for both parties to move on. After spending 14 years with Indianapolis Colts, Peyton Manning left the team for free agency back in 2011. His release was part of a mutual agreement between the QB and management and now two years later, Manning is slated to return to Indianapolis.

Peyton’s return will take place in week seven as the Denver Broncos will come to town to battle the Colts in a key mid-season AFC matchup. Many have wondered if the Colts would do something to acknowledge Manning and now those questions have been answered. Jim Irsay has come out and said that the team will indeed honor its former QB, but he declined to elaborate on how they’d do it.

“We’re going to have a great tribute to him. It’s going to be something where you go into it wanting to have a lot of fun, where you love Peyton as a Colt fan, but now we’re competing against him. It’s going to be crazy, but mostly it’ll be fun. I hope it’s just a great game.”

As with anything Irsay says, you have to take it with a grain of salt. He’s known for blowing smoke on Twitter, but he did come through in a big way on his most recent promise by trading for Trent Richardson.

I’m going to doubt the Peyton tribute will be crazy, but there’s also no question that the Indianapolis faithful will give him a standing ovation upon his return to Lucas Oil Stadium.


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