Seattle Seahawks Need the Offensive Line to Get Healthy

By Todd Pheifer
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Would the Seattle Seahawks have beaten the Indianapolis Colts if they would have had a healthy offensive line? That is obviously hard to know, but the Seahawks continue to have some issues with that unit.

The offensive line needs to get healthy, and quickly.

Russell Wilson is a talented and mobile quarterback. He has shown great awareness in the pocket and the ability to elude pass rushers. Unfortunately, Wilson is still human and even mobility can’t always deal with three defenders coming from different angles. Backup linemen have played valiantly at times for the Seahawks, but against tough defenses like the Colts and the Houston Texans, they have been a little overmatched.

Max Unger should be back this week and that will help. Breno Giacomini should also return in time, but the problem with Giacomini is that he isn’t always rock solid on the right side. The person the Seahawks really need back is Russell Okung, and he will be on the injured-reserve list until at least mid-November.

Wilson can continue running or handing the ball to Marshawn Lynch, but he still needs a quality offensive line to open holes for Beast Mode. Wilson also needs enough protection so that he can avoid getting sacked too many times. Seattle simply cannot afford to get their young quarterback hurt; there is too much at stake this season.

The challenge with the NFL is that in some cases teams just have to stay healthy. It isn’t like the NBA or MLB where you can trade for an extra bat and just put him in the lineup. Quality offensive linemen are extremely valuable, and it would be very difficult to trade for an upgrade at this point without surrendering a great deal.

For the Seahawks to succeed the rest of the season, the offensive line will need to hold together and stay healthy. Otherwise, Russell Wilson will keep running for his life.

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